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1  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~[WARNING : HENTAI] on: March 11, 2016, 06:11:13 PM
Haven't posted any drawings here in ages I just realized Surprised! uhh so here's some relatively recent sketches xD
Spoiler for Hiden:
random stuffs
Spoiler for Hiden:

Sooper-secret comic idea stuffs
Spoiler for Hiden:

Gee I wonder which one is my favorite so far heh xD
My proportions got way outta wack on some of them ahah, gotta work on that  Sweat (and to stop being so lazy with hands)

Oh and uh because I'm lazy here's 2 albums I put together awhile back of moar sketches haven't shared here yet for anyone curious xD

The proportion looks great to me, only maybe, on the second picture the forearm seems too long. It's never been easy to draw a full body sketch. And the last one, were you trying to give some perspective to the picture?

btw I forgot whether if we have discussed about this or not, but do you always draw from stickman and those helping lines?
Wait… this post was last year?
Time is cruel :")
Well, in the period of time I made some new fan arts too (though they are more of a colouring practice than drawing). This one is one of them. Loli-esque girl.

Btw I said loli-esque because she's a high school girl. Sizuru from Rewrite!

2  Lolitannia's Main Gate / Announcement / Re: Happy New Year! on: January 01, 2016, 01:18:04 PM
Happy new year everyone!
3  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~[WARNING : HENTAI] on: March 04, 2015, 02:01:04 AM
Wow nice they're still doing that? I remember hearing about it awhile back. Perhaps I'll give it a shot some time. Ocha

Oh, that's 6AM my local time.

 Crow Lately I've been sleeping in past noon unless I have classes....could be awhile until I'm awake at the right time for this. Sweat

yup, they're still doing that! Come on join us! >.<

I see.... 6 AM, huh? That'll be tough ...
4  Central Area / Music / Re: music on: March 04, 2015, 01:53:50 AM
Woah, that looks pretty cool. The costume made me think of a retro masked super hero, kind of an interesting mix going on. And it's a remake of some older series apparently? But yeah damn I wanna check it out~

It's indeed a retro hero anime

 but it's not really a remake because, apparently this loli main heroine is on the bad guy's side.
5  Central Area / Music / Re: music on: March 04, 2015, 01:27:41 AM
This is quite catchy.
Anyone watch this? The loli is so sexy!  Hayate Nosebleed   Hayate Nosebleed

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbJsIeTpYNQ" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbJsIeTpYNQ</a>
6  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~ Loli-Loli Hunters! on: March 04, 2015, 01:20:29 AM
Do you guys know about 'key oekaki the late night 60 minutes drawing contest'?

It's a daily contest, or event that had been held in Twitter since November. Artists may join by contributing a KEY-related artwork that was drawn in 60 minutes and the drawing has to follow a certain topic/theme. The event starts DAILY at 11 PM (Tokyo). You can find the artworks under the tag #key版深夜の真剣お絵かき60分一本勝負

I have joined the event for couple times. Compared to other contestants, mine is total crap, but alas, I had fun! >.<
Seeing others' artworks is also alot of fun!

Last night, the topic was Loli-loli hunters (Kyousuke & Kotarou)!

This is mine.  Sweat

Spoiler for Hiden:

if you're interested in KEY and have free time at night, you should join! xD
7  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~[WARNING : HENTAI] on: February 27, 2015, 03:30:53 PM
absolute.zero likes neptune~


It's not 'like'. It's LOVE!  Love  It's embarassing, but.. 'Nepu nepu' has become my catchphrase for 3 days now. Whenever I feel that my room is too silent, I suddenly mutter that. 'Nepu nepu!' like that.

So come here, Pururin's lover~!


Ah. I feel bad for keep posting my broken artwork...   Sweat

But here goes a new one. yet another NSFW pic of my favorite pairing in Little Busters!
Spoiler for NSFW-ish:

I ain't gonna upload it to devianart. Apparently, they are very strict when it comes to mature content. Especially underage suggestive works.

Komari is still underage, so even thought there's no xxx intercourse here, I decided to take safety measure.
8  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~[WARNING : HENTAI] on: February 26, 2015, 10:06:08 PM
Neptune~ < 3


Pururin-chaaaan~!  (´▽`)

No problem.
Also, I kinda do wish te jacket was a bit more opened but...it's like y0k41 said, more is less sometimes.

dayum. that zipper doe
Now I understand what y0k41-kun meant.  Nosebloodlol

9  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~[WARNING : HENTAI] on: February 26, 2015, 01:46:23 PM
*opens tab*
 Surprised! Love

First of all: awesome drawing, congrats Thumb up

Now...I see why you'd think her face should me more roundish but the way I see it, I think her right cheek (on the left side of who is seeing the drawing) should be more like the other one.

About the colors: to be honest I don't really know what you mean but if you mean that it's different from the colors she has in the anime...maybe it's just a matter of finding the right tone? I mean, the look like the right colors to me....maybe not her hair color. Dunno why but I feel like her hair color is a bit more...washed up? You know, not as strong or bright....ish.  Sweat

Proportion wise...well pretty much everything looks good, maybe just tweek her left forearm a little? Looks a  bit short to me.

I hope I was helpful and not just confusing Sweat
Again, congrats
EDIT: Also, I kinda miss her hair things but it's totally up to you if you wanna draw them or not

lol, I thought you'll said something like 'I wish she opened the jacket a bit more...'   Kyaha

No, I mean.. the color changed after I saved it to png. It was lighter in the .sai file.  Sweat
Well, the hair is really messy. I should've put more effort in painting them. There's the tone you mentioned, and also the shading. I really never get this right.   Despair  I just don't get the feeling.. you know, like, where should this strand goes? Where should I comb the hair?  Cry  Despair

hmm the right jaw... Yes. It's indeed too high there. The forehand, also. Thanks for pointing them out!   Thumb up
10  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~[WARNING : HENTAI] on: February 26, 2015, 08:58:49 AM
Ahaaa done!! (WIP)
Nepunepunepunepu   Hayate Nosebleed  Love Love Love

Spoiler for ecchi not hentai:

I'm too lazy to draw the jelly monsters' face so I gave them Dango Daikazoku faces  LULZ  LULZ

Dang I think the proportion is not quite right.
Her face also should've been more.. round?
The color is also wrong. I don't understand.. Why does it suddenly change?
11  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Re: [Little Busters!] Worth Living (New Chapter 15) on: February 25, 2015, 08:23:02 PM
Recently, I've released the 3rd book of this fan-fiction. I gotta say it's really hard because I've got to do research about Tokyo and Japanese Employment System (they are on a research paper!). According to data, most of companies that accept high school graduates like Kyousuke is a manufacturing company and it seems the company will assign them to engineering (in the garage).  But you won't be seeing him doing engineering because I made him to be a white-collar employee (management dept) instead, which is quite impossible for a highschool graduates I guess?

in this fic, Kyousuke, as stated before, will have to go through a training before he becomes a legit employee. I haven't found about the details of what kind of training they'll through, so I won't be putting details about it. I'm sorry for my incapabilities.

If you're familiar with this, please tell me. I really appreciate it.

here you go. Chapter 1!

Spoiler for Book III | Chapter 1: Settling into Their New Lives:

When you have entered the society, you'll be able to see that the world is much, much larger than you always thought; and that you are just a mere pebble in the sea of stones. No one is really special, because there will always be someone who's better than you, maybe in all aspects that you're excel at. It's a world where the term such as 'prodigy' or 'genius' is less valuable than 'experience'. To live is to find this experience as much as you can, because they could be your saviours in your later life.

But experience alone won't be enough. Only hard workers manage to survive in this new world.

Effort is another dimension that a member of society must do in order to live. Everyone can do that; everyone has that. Though that said, it won't be so easy to put the effort in a job. To put so much effort in order to gain the experience and ultimately live, they will need time, a lot of it.

That's why there's that ancient sayings, 'time is money'.

Natsume Kyousuke (18), a high school fresh graduate, was assigned to spend the next 6 months right after his high school graduation in training to gain occupational skills necessary for the position he acquired and get used to the company's environment.

Not only that, training is also needed for the company itself to produce productive workers, which the director described at the welcome ceremony, quoting Alfred Marshall. It was a century old description but still fit the term until this day: "Productive workers are those who capable to bear in mind many things at a time, to have everything ready when wanted, to act promptly and show resource when anything goes wrong, to accommodate oneself quickly to changes in detail of the work done, to be steady and trustworthy, to have always a reserve of force which will come out in emergency, these are the qualities which make a great industrial people." [1]

The first three months is the introduction to the job, the learning process; the rest 3 months will be to put them in actual practice with a mentor.

During this period, he is not allowed to go out of Tokyo.

Of course, this means that he will not be able to meet his beloved Little Busters. It's sad to think how contrast his life now is, compared to his high school days. He missed them too much. He even, once in awhile during breaks, lets his mind wander to daydream about them.

I wonder what are those guys doing right now… are they having fun? Ah. They must be having fun. I have faith in Riki!

In the office's canteen Kyousuke is having lunch with his new companions, which are fellow trainees. Some of them are also a high school fresh graduate like him, but most of them are older.

High school fresh graduates will need a miracle to get a job in a company. Not only because they were just accepting outstanding fresh graduate applicants, but also due-to the fact that the number of enterprises that would hire fresh graduates were decreasing and there were only very few employers post jobs for entry-level positions for job-seekers who have recently graduated. That means the competition was very tight for those who belong to the same category, enough to make them depressed. Some of them even committed suicide after countless of trials and failures.

Kyousuke knew well how frustrating a job hunt was. He spent almost the entirety of his senior year to look for one and only got it on his last minutes as a high school student.

It was TOUGH on him. It was also frustrating for him, but he was able to keep his mind sane until the end. He never gave up; he just could not.

Failure was never an option.

"What, you are spacing out again, Natsume?"

"Ah! I'm sorry. Were you talking to me?"

"Yeah… geez. You do this a lot these days, Natsume. You'll get old if you keep this up."

"I know what it is about! You're thinking back about your high school friends, right? High school had already passed, you've got to move on!"

"…You better do if you want to settle in here quickly..."

Kyousuke grinned at his colleagues. "You are right. Thanks guys."

"Come on, finish your lunch. Senpai will yell at us if we come late."

A few minutes later, they went back to the office. Of course as they have expected, the mentor was furious because they were late for 5 minutes. It was not Kyousuke's fault though. The group sunk into chattering after they had finished their lunch and without them knowing, it's already past the break time.

"As punishment, the five of you will help me do my paperwork tonight!"

"Waaa sucks! That's a lot!"

"Did you say something, Yoshida!?"

"No I didn't, Senior!"

This Yoshida person seems to be carefree and laid-back given his look and retorts, but actually he is one of the best performers among the trainees. He's the oldest out of the trainees, but he's quick thinking, effective, trustworthy, hardworking, and has the most important attribute a worker should have: competitive.

He treated the ever-perfect prodigy Kyousuke like a rival while the corresponding man himself understands that he is clearly losing to him.

For example, when the mentor asked a question regarding the theory they must apply in their works, Yoshida always answered it first; and it blew Kyousuke's mind to listen to his well-thought answer. He also almost always managed to finish his tasks faster than Kyousuke.

But behind that healthy rivalry, they get along pretty well. Of course, Kyousuke is also in good terms with the other trainees, especially those who are also high school fresh graduates.

It's finally 7 PM, which marks the end of the day for the trainees. However, they had to do the extra assignments as punishment so they had to spend more time in the office.

"Thanks for your hard work. See you tomorrow guys!" the 5 that are in detention bid farewell to each other.

The sky was dark, but the city is still awake, sparkling even. At this hour, neon lightings of the shops' signs and the street lamps were enlightening the route that Kyousuke had to take in order to get to the bus stop.

There are also other employees waiting at the same 's usually more crowded though.

It took him approximately 10 minutes to get to Chiyoda, the city where he stayed, by bus. He had to walk for another 10 minutes from the bus stop to reach the small, cheap apartment.


He was greeted by the landlady just when he was about to make his first step on the stairs, "Oh, good evening Terada-san."

"It's not good to overwork yourself…"

"Hahaha, thank you. I'll keep that in mind."

After the trivial quick greetings he continued his walk to the third story of the apartment and finds his room.

"I'm home."

Obviously, there's no one to answer him, which is why he just immediately goes deeper after he took out his shoes.

The room is quite spacious for a single person to stay. The cheap price already gave him a kitchen with refrigerator, a bathroom, a dining table, and a single bed.

In the afternoon, sunlight enters the room nicely from the balcony. But this feature doesn't seem to be that useful for him because he's barely here at noon. He can only enjoy the sunlight in his room on Saturday and Sunday.

For dinner, he usually just eats a convenient instant meal if he's too tired to cook. After he takes a bath, he reviews what he has learnt that day from the senpais and wrote them down in a notebook.

He went to sleep right after because the training that day was too tiring with those extra assignments.

He'd prefer to sleep early so the he can wake up earlier in the morning because the company is very strict about time.

This is his new daily routine, and he had to get used to it as soon as possible.

He's still in the preparation period to become a normal white-collar employee, but it's already a harsh life for him. What would become of him in the years to come? He had disregarded his parents and he had yet to get real friends here in his new life that were willing to come to his aid whenever he was in need. He only have himself to be count on.

He had no other options but to face them head on.

This is society.

This is real life.

"Huuu…. I think Kyousuke-san has already asleep after all…."

Meanwhile, miles away from Tokyo, a girl with different concerns of life problem, Komari, shut her phone and put it aside from her textbook with a tad of disenchanted feelings in her heart.

"Again? Does Natsume-senpai care about you at all?" her roommate Sasami commented from her studying desk.

"That's cruel Sa-chan! O—Of course he does care about me!" Komari reacted almost instantly without thinking. "Fu—Fuee~! It's embarrassing to say it so bluntly!"

"But look here!" she grabbed Komari's phone that is in her reach. "We're already entering the second month after his graduation and there're only few messages from him in your inbox! If you two are really going out, shouldn't it be FULL of his emails? Instead, you got more replies from…

"Rin-chan~ :*, Riki-kun~ ;), Kuu-chan~ :3… wait, why do you have to add the symbol '~' and emoticons at the end of their names?"

"Because it's cuter that waaaay~!"

She was too confused that she forgot she just called her arch-nemesis' name with the honorifics that was supposed to be used for people close to you.

Komari wasn't any better; she forgot about one important thing: her privacy. "Fua~! Don't go read someone's inbox like that!"

"Ah, I'm sorry..."

The moment she was about to place the phone back to Komari's side of the desk, the phone rang.

"Oh, he's calling you!"

"Fueeeh!? That's rare! I wonder if something happened to him…"



The purple-haired girl stood and took a few steps away from Komari and then opened the lid of the phone.


"Komari? What happen? Why are you screaming?" said Kyousuke over the line.

"No! This is Sasasegawa Sasami! Listen! You must reply every single of Komari-chan's emails, you hear me!? If you make her upset again, I won't forgive you! Otherwise it's your sister who will get rekt!"

"Blackmailing is wrong Sa-chan!" she grabbed the phone from Sasami's extended hand. "Hello, Kyousuke-san? I'm sorry… My cellphone was in her hand, and…"

"Komari, you have a great roommate there."

"…" the blonde took a glance over the girl her boyfriend just talked about and smiled at her. "Yes~! Definitely!"

"Wh—What's with that smile? Are you two talking about me!?" Sasami pointed her finger at Komari.

"I'm sorry I didn't reply quickly because I forgot to turn off the silent mode on my phone."

"It's fine. You should have some rest, Kyousuke-san."

"You are right… I'm really tired from work today," Kyousuke agreed. "But I also wants to hear your voice a little longer."

Komari blushed at his remark.

"What? I can't?"

"O—Of course you can…! We're lovers!" she replied thoughtlessly yet again. "... and I also want to hear your voice, Kyousuke-san..."


There was no answer or retorts from Kyousuke. It lasted for about 10 seconds. Komari was wondering if the line is cut off or she accidentally pressed the hold button, but the screen was still showing that they are still connected.

"Hello? Kyousuke-san, you there?"

"... pff."

"Fueeeh!? Did I say something funny?"

"No, it's just... I could hear your heartbeat from here."

"Awawawawawawaaa! H-how embarrassing!"


After the laughing, Komari could hear him taking a deep breath and let it away from the phone. "Then I want you to tell me about your day. Is everyone fine? How's Riki and Rin doing?"

Their conversation lasted for 15 minutes before Kyousuke called of the day. He was glad he called her. Not only because he could hear her voice he missed so much but also because she provided her with information regarding his precious friends.

The next day, Komari went to the school as usual, at the same time as usual, but to a different class with an almost entirely different classmates.

It turned out that the school had decided to shuffle the class after the seniors graduated. And it was so unfortunate that she had to be separated from any members of Little Busters.

Not a single one of them reside within the same class as her.

It was tough for her to settle in with new classmates because most of them were grouping with their junior classmates that happen to be together once again. The only one that is acquainted to her is Futaki Kanata who is still assigned as the school's Disciplinary Committee Chief, which means she doesn't hang out with in the class very often.

What is even worse is this other fact that she never tells anyone, especially Kyousuke: She's also a classmate to the group of girls who were once his fans and she still got bullied often when she's alone.

For Komari who's been living her life in a magical, blessed world of hers, this kind of circumstances is unthinkable. Because she's that kind of girl who never think that far. In this 17 years, everything has always turned out to be alright for her in the end. It's almost as if bad things do not like to be around her.

But reality struck and it sometimes goes against one's favour, even though that someone is a lovely, angelic girl who always does her best to help others.

It doesn't take sides.

It is just as harsh as described by many people.

This is real life.


[1] Principles of Economics by Alfred Marshall (1890)


12  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~[WARNING : HENTAI] on: February 25, 2015, 08:00:55 PM

Lemme know if anything looks freakishly wrong or whatever, thanks~ Love

 Nosebloodlol Nosebloodlol Nosebloodlol
been awhile since the last time I posted here and now a naked loli welcomed me~

Good job on this!
If you want to learn more about a girl's body,  I recommend reading a hentai (...for research purpose)

and the more effective way is learning from tutorials in devianart~  Haruhi Awsum

Dang. Looking at this makes me want to draw an H-rated loli too.  Nosebloodlol
13  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~ on: February 04, 2015, 07:35:14 AM

I don't think I've gone over any of those scanned drawings in my gallery digitally, but like some of my digital ones did use a penciled doodle as a base/rough sketch. Tbh it's pretty random how I do it, and I'm not sure which way works out better... Sweat
The last 2 ones were just digital from the start, but the Miku one was from a sketch. Either way same process for me, it goes like
Make some roughs & experiment --> settle on one and focus on making it clean/complete --> color~

(though realistically I keep finding mistakes etc. even during coloring and end up redrawing more e.e also I have a bad habit of just going with my first rough but find the more you explore it first the more interesting it becomes)

Might as well post the miku roughs :u (might've already posted them earlier, can't be arsed to check)
Spoiler for Hiden:

I definitely should've explored it more, since it looks very....un-actiony :T I had to fit it in a rectangularish shape to use as a banner but like I would definitely wanna redraw it now to be more...I dunno, have more depth and look more like it's moving xD she doesn't really feel like she's moving at all.

(sorry for being messy/rambling, I couldn't sleep and remembered I didn't reply here yet lol, not exactly feeling sharp atm)

Wow, so you also make a lineart from your draft before coloring them too? It took me more than 6 hours just to turn a photo of my drawing into lineart (which is still messy even with that amount of time).

Yes, the only way to put my drawings to digital is by phone camera (which is only a 1.2 MP, if I'm not mistaken) because I don't have a scanner. It would be easier if I have one since cleaning and redrawing are faster than making linearts out of it (i guess?).

like this one. Well, she's a pro so of course she's fast.  Kyaha
<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dB4S_Xb1ek" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8dB4S_Xb1ek</a>

I cannot apply this technique perfectly to my photos of drawing because due to the texture caused by the quality of the camera. (you know, something that appear when you capture a low-lit object)

Or maybe a tab would be nice too. But I heard it's not that easy to use it...
14  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~ on: February 02, 2015, 11:21:44 AM
It's the least I can offer for that awesome drawing

Awe..some....  Love
 Cry thank you so much, lad!

Ooh, thanks for the watch (and llama badge, still dunno what the heck they do lol)! Well, my deviant art is pretty inactive actually, heck you'll see more of my drawings on this site than there. Still, thanks anyways xD watched you back for good measure~

I don't know what llamas for either, but they are cool!   Kyaha
Ou! Thanks for watching!  Ulqiorra Awsum

Your gallery is so niceee  Cry
Have you ever turned one of those scanned drawings into a digital artwork?
15  Art Gallery / Fan-Art & Digital Graphics / Re: Artist's Alley~ on: February 02, 2015, 08:38:27 AM
They didn't see it. My ninja like reflexes made sure of it! Hero
(basically I turned off the screen at the right moment...it was close though)
As for deviant art, y0k41 has an account. His first signature redirects you there. Dunno if anyone else has an account

good job!  Sigh...

yooosh. I'm watching you, Y0k41-kun. And I've just sent you a llama badge  Thumb up


..... eh, did I just receive a loli points? Thank you very muuuuch!
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