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1  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: Fanfic Help on: May 30, 2014, 04:00:46 AM
ah so it about that, huh. well i'm kinda bad on romantic thing so i can't suggest for pairings but if i'm taking the pairings above as a choices i think i'll vote Otonashi x Yurippe since i think Yurippe can make him do stupid thing like on the operations on the anime but i think Yurippe's operations become funny because its animated Sweat

oh and for romcom i think it's really need to be harem :/ for some maybe-useless info : doing things like at anime Strike the Blood will do too. i mean the part akatsuki call his teacher with
" -chan" and got hit is amusing for me (since got caught by one of the harem girl when accidentally doing lewd things to the other then get hit is too mainstream)
once again romantic thingy is not my forte after all Ahahaha
2  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: Fanfic Help on: May 29, 2014, 10:29:58 PM
but if your imagination good enough it can be awesome fanfic, i remembered when i'm still active reading fanfics at Fanfiction.net and some author bring in some reference to a certain game and even a character from another anime
the easiest way to get them into one story line (based on my author experience, and i'm one of those author who like to bring chara from another world)
for example on digimon (since when i'm still active 90% fanfic that i wrote on my book is digimon's)
-On digimon there was exist a time dimension bomb, there you can do likes the chara to get messed with it and ended on other dimension
-When belphemon rage it caused every time he attacking the space is distorted there you can do likes someone from other dimension accidentally got messed with that space time distortion

and something like that, or if you want to create your main chara got helped by lolis from another world you can do things like
-Visiting their world and convince them to get you by making a situation where they are in trouble (you can use this as an extra chapter before returning to main line, maybe they call it filler if i'm not wrong)
since when i'm writing this post i'm starring at broken's signature which is Tina then let's make her as an example
you can make a situation where she is in big trouble (if it me i'll make a situation where RENTAROU IS DEAD Evillaugh ) and snatch her
or you can make your chara be a hero for her by somehow defeat her master oh if you're good at battle related fanfiction (which you need to describe every of their move in order to make the reader understand what kind of battle they are in), your chara can be the one who defeat her instead of rentarou

sorry if my answer not match your question and sound devilish but till now i'm still doing chuunibyou like that though now only within my head Ahahaha

or if you fell guilty for doing things above, i had one thing to say PARALLEL WORLD IS EXIST SHOUT!! you can have your very own lolis for yourself while the "original" one not touched with that you can had the lolis you desired while the original not touched Ahahaha

or you can create your lolis chara yourself, but unfortunately for me i'm unable to do so since even to think what my main chara looks like is trouble me a lot Sweat
3  Lolitannia's Main Gate / Introductory / Re: Hello~ on: May 24, 2014, 07:03:33 PM
welcome to welcome to loli oasis, Lolitannia~

wait...oasis = water = swimsuits......Nosebloodlol
*readied high spec camera*
OK! my body is ready, bring the lolis SHOUT!!  Ahahaha
*remembered something*

ah, don't mind that btw enjoy your stay at this oasis

By the way, it's not like we are dead...we still do sopme stuff it's just that most of us got school/work in our way,on my case, I have to worry about finals Despair
But feel free to apply for the typesetter position, I think we could use some more Thumb up
well the project staff is somewhat always busy IRL but the city still going around
4  Lolitannia's Main Gate / Introductory / Re: Greetings on: May 23, 2014, 07:37:14 PM
Also, I've given Kuro-sama around 5 medals that are still pending since he can't manage the shop yet
well he is somehow able to keep himself busy everyday Ahahaha
5  Lolitannia's Main Gate / Introductory / Re: Greetings on: May 23, 2014, 11:15:59 AM
oh~(Hina-chan style) DoTA player spotted though i quit DoTA almost 2 years ago ???
leave that a side uni u're really like ninja Sweat ah just remembered she had the ability of space and time
6  Anime/Manga Discussion / Anime Discussion / Re: Summer 2014 Anime Chart on: May 23, 2014, 03:56:33 AM
for now my summer list is
-Persona 4 the golden animation

for movie and OVAs
-Doraemon stand by me
-Hayate no Gotoku OVA
-Girls und Panzer OVA
-Non Non Biyori OVA
7  Lolitannia's Main Gate / Introductory / Re: Greetings on: May 23, 2014, 03:36:26 AM
just back from hell and there's new citizen joining oh well welcome to lolitannia~
i'm busy atm so i can't think of better welcoming post Ahahaha

Here's a medal in commemoration of you joining!  Thumb up

heeee it's a nice one Thumb up

i hope we get along~ and don't mind my "villainess" on some post Ahahaha
8  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 23, 2014, 03:28:16 AM
someone must be messing with my campus electricity since electricity user is no one so the possible suspect is ....... Broken ??? well just kidding xD
9  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 19, 2014, 04:18:02 AM
Erit tempus per motum, sed non ego!
now i'm confused, you're a scientist or an sorcerer ???

well at least we're safe.......for now ?
10  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 17, 2014, 07:39:12 PM
se-sensei !!
isn't that generator acting strangely ?
l-l-look, the black hole grow bigger SHOUT!!
*cast shield in front of me to prevent getting sucked*
11  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 17, 2014, 11:16:06 AM
this black hole thingy looks interesting Study
yep, it's interesting to see how long someone can desperately trying to escape from black hole before being sucked inside Evillaugh
12  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 15, 2014, 09:20:16 PM
Basically, Alex and I are in university, Kuro and Uni are being gods, and y0k41 was drilling underneath dirty  Oh Shi..
ahh i see Sweat
wait.....what in the world y0k41 is doing with drilling underneath dirty Surprised!

Anyways... *Brings out a black hole generator* We'll be studying black holes now  Smoke
*sit in the very behind* ok let's start, studying enemy's may-be-weapons-in-the-future is good for health Ahahaha
13  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 15, 2014, 09:11:51 PM
wth, happen here ???

By changing the magnetic fields I reduce earths gravity greatly, and jump into the air towards a nearby sky scraper. "Careful guys, It's almost Zero gravity. You might float into space if you aren't careful."
zero gravity ?
i see no problem with it, i can use my shield as a foothold in the air or create an force field to cancel your zero gravity Ahahaha
14  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 08, 2014, 12:58:50 PM
Eh...maybe reverse trap?
isn't reverse trap is girl who looks like boy ? it's just the same with reverse harem i think Sweat
15  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: LLL (Legends of Lolitannia's Lolicons) on: May 08, 2014, 07:49:01 AM
Trap (Thing): A device used to capture something
i know about this one Sweat
but thanks for info anyways Ahahaha

Trap (Person): A **** that is cute enough to be a female. Because they are. They just happen to be a very flat chested girl who happens to have and a p!n@& instead of a va!$@. Definitely a girl no matter how I look at it!
so if some boy can shape changing or turned in to a girl by a magic/device still labeled trap ???
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