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1  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: October 26, 2018, 05:03:15 AM
"A dream about the past, I was a child back then. Aunt is doing her thing while I secretly take a peek in her library's "forbiden section" hoping to find something related to powerful magic and...well,forbidden stuff. I thought I could discover some way to use magic as boy but what I found was simply... classified documents. At the time I couldn't make sense of the words written on them but if it was today, I think I know what they would be about. The incident that got her out of her job..."

Suddenly, Ari'sdream is replaced by a shining word, and soon after that,Ari wakes up to a comotion. Opening her eyes he sees Suzuka fighting and subduying someone. Ari gets up and walks towards Suzuka, rubbing his eyes in an effort to completely wake up. He gets there as Suzuka flips the hood off of the stanger, only to reveal a girl with a mark on her forehead, which is disapearing. Ari runs back and gets a pencil and a piece of paper from his belongings and draws the mark on it. "This could prove useful...". Just in case, Ari makes some more copies and stores most of them in his backpack.

Walking back to where Suzuka and the stranger is, Ari hears Suzuka saying a name that does not ring any bells to him. He gets there and offers the piece of paper to Suzuka. "Here, don't know how useful this might be but I copied the strange mark that she had onto this piece of paper. Hope it helps"

2  Central Area / Lolitannia's Slum / Re: Guess the loli anime on: October 06, 2018, 10:35:58 AM
Zero guesses but here's an easy one:
3  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: September 25, 2018, 03:50:41 AM
"Thank you, Suzuka" The girl was already sleeping so Ari wasn't sure if she heard. "You didn't have to burn it though..."

After hearing a now calmed down Ellie, Ari pondered for a while. "Well...I think that with all of us here, we may have a chance, but if I'm being completely honest...that woman didn't show her full power. We just got targeted because some worms happened to appear near us right? I somehow feel like we are not her target, so it might be best to avoid fighting if we can. But hey, my dream is to be at the top of the colosseum, so I won't back down from a fight if it comes to that" Ari gives them a thumbs up. "I don't think we should worry about it now though, we could really use the rest."

With that, Ari goes to grab a sleeping bag for everyone, comes back, and lies down next to Ellie and Lunasa, while putting a sleeping bag next to both of them. "Good night girls"

"So you are pretending to be calm..." "Well, we could really use the rest...and it's better if we don't freak out. We might need to make some split second decisions and the more freaked out we get, the worse it'll be" "I see...well you are not wrong. Try to have a good rest too" "Will do." Ari falls asleep shortly after.
4  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: September 06, 2018, 07:02:00 AM
"Disgusting or not, it's yours to keep if you want. And feel free to tag along , I don't have any problems with it. In fact, I'm happy you are around, and I'm sure they feel the same. I feel safer knowing you are here" Ari places the drawing back into his backpack. As he does this, Ellie kind of loses herself to the spirit of the cat, who appears to have merged with her.

"Shit!" Ari rushes to Ellies side. Seeing his friend freaking out, Ari clenches his fist and bonks Ellie on the head. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? SNAP OUT OF IT!" Ari screams as he hits Ellie's head,in hopes of bringing her back to herself. "...that's one way to do it..." "Well what else am I suposed to do? It's not like I can exorcise the freaking cat out of her" "Let's disregard the fact that you forgot about the whole life draining situation for a moment, no use worrying about that now. Your friend might not come to her senses, and you still have the worms to worry about""...right"

Unsure of how to deal with both worms and waiting to see if Ellie can snap out of it, Ari casts a body enhancement spell on himself and decides to cast a barrier around him and Ellie, hoping it would fend off the attacks the worms might throw their way, or at least withstand a few of them before breaking.
5  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: August 26, 2018, 08:53:41 AM
"Brave uh...maybe I'm just reckless..." "Personally I think you are a little bit of both"" "...maybe, maybe I'm just acting tough" "Well, we will see when the time comes"

Now in front of a locked door, Ari was wondering how hard it would be to magicaly open a door,when suddenly a word flahsed through her mind. "What? I know this word but...isn't this the name of those chains?" "Well...the true meaning of that word is actually open. Yeah, open. Those dwarves have a strange sense of humour, to name Fenrir's chain like that...Still, you can probably do it if you focus. Someone I know kept doing things like thag all the time. She is really good with magic. I'll tell you about it when time is right." Realizing it's pointless to probe any further about who that person is, Ari decides to ask: "So...you really think I can do it?" "Yup. Really, it's not that hard. Just picture the word, the effects you want it to have, all of that. For this simple lock it will be enough"

Trusting the voice, Ari walked up to the door. Ellie was still holding onto the door knob,so Ari placed his right hand on the door. Imaginig the word, and the door unlocking, Ari's eyes emitted a faint glow. "Gleipnir" The girls heard the door unlocking.

"Well, the door is open now...we've come this far so...Ellie, wanna do the honors? The cat seems eager to get in there"
6  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: August 17, 2018, 05:07:07 PM
Ari was so focused paying attention to his surroundings he didn't say anything during the short trip. During a short stop, Lunasa asked some pretty good questions he did not know how to answer, and Ellie revealed something that, just some months ago, he would think was someone playing a prank. "Coming back from the dead...Guess that explains why she flicked Lunasa's hand away. Hey, miss ethereal voice, you knew about all this right?" "Well, most of it. Your friend did feel a bit dead, you'll feel this too once you are more in sync with your powers. I'll explain it to you some other time though, now is not the time. And don't go around calling me weird things...if you have to call me anything, call me big sis. You'll understande later. Oh look, your friends found something interesting." "Eh?"

Looking at Ellie and Lunasa's direction Ari saw a two tailed cat. A scary looking one. "Hold up, how come I can see it? isn't this some of those things Ellie mentioned just now? You know, things she can only see because..." "Oh by Odin's beard you really need to study! Look, it's something that comes with your lineage, I'll explain later. "Bu-" "LATER! Worry about your current problems for now" "Fine, sorry..."

"Hey, I'm down, as long as we keep our mana ready and our attention on what is around us, we should be fine right? Undead or whatever, sucking life or not, you are still you Ellie. I trust you and if you go, I go. Besides, I wanna know what that scary looking cat wants with us"
7  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: August 05, 2018, 07:44:34 AM
Ari noded in agreement.keeping an eye out, he started circulating mana through his body. "What the hell is going on...Suzuka walking away is not strange but she did look...kinda weird in a way. Not sure if she's worried about something else...well, she'll probably kick some ass if anything happens." "You better keep you eyes open and your magic at the ready. If this is what I think it is,  you might need my help again."

The voice suddenly spoke to Ari again. Startled, he asked: "Who are you anyway?" "Well...lets just say you are on the right track. Push a little further and maybe you'll find out. Now focus on your surroundings, you might need every advantage you can muster"

Ari wanted to ask more but the voice was right, it's better to focus on the task at hand... "I'll have Ellie explain in more detail later, she's acting a bit weird..."
8  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 28, 2018, 08:01:51 AM
"...What's wrong Ellie?" Looking around, Ari didn't see anything strange. Except for a bunch of running cats, everything seemed just like it's been for the past minutes. "Weird, Ellie wouldn't just scream for attention
...something is going on..."
"Oh,so you still can't feel it. Looks like you still need more training. For the meantime, trust your friend. That's about all I can tell you right now" "Wait, who are you?" Ari questioned ths voice suddenly appearing in his head. Unfortunatelly, as quickly as it appeared,it disappeared.

"Dunno what's going on but..." "What happened Ellie? I can't see nothing unusual but...if you say something is wrong, I trust you"
9  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 26, 2018, 04:35:35 PM
"Oh, hey Ellie, what's up? Just give me a couple of minutes to finish this" Ari draws the last few lines and finishes the drawing of the sleeping Suzuka and 'her pack', gets up and walks to Ellie. "Well, this took a while, it's been quite some time since I last drew something. Anyways, speaking to yourself? I do that too sometimes too, especially when I'm thinking about something. These past few days...well, it's been this"

Ari takes the book about Valkyries out of his bag for a brief moment, before putting it back in again. "I think I might find some answers here...well, even if I don't, the more you know, the better"
10  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 21, 2018, 10:30:43 AM
Ari is currently at the library. It's been a little over a week and life in school is back to normal...for the most part. After the events that lead to him passing out, he decided he wanted to train in the more physical aspects of the fight, even if it just helps him getting more in sync with his female body. The teacher that his aunt knows happens to be a former colosseum fighter, so Ari as been learning basic martial arts movements from her at the colosseum training grounds. It tires him down but he can already notice a slight improvement in his abilities.

"...hm, so I finally have a clue" Ari as been searching for information regarding the strange woman that spoke to him during  the fight with Bell, searching anything remotely related to it. At first he thought that maybe she was a former magical girl turned ethereal being, but nothing showed up to prove that theory. A couple of days ago, Ari turned his attention to history and mithology, believing maybe there were connections to ancient beings or famous heroes. The amazons came um but the weapons and general appearance didn't match with the armour that covered his body, nor with the weapons that flashed through his head. But now, he found something.

"The engravings seem to be the same, even if there were slight differences this does look like the armour that covered me...the spears all had the same designs as the ones portrayed in this picture, all the other weapons depicted in the portraits are the same as the ones that I saw, although some are missing. There was also a staff but this book doesn't show any staff...maybe there will be something in a book that covers this in more detail"

Ari got up,packed his stuff, and went to the library lady. The lady smiles as Ari aproaches. "Back again are we? Found anything usefull today? Still don't know what it is you are looking for but I have to admit, you've picked my interest young lady" "...lady...still can't get used to it" Ari thought, before replying to the librarian. "Well, maybe. Could you give me some materials regarding this subject? I feel like I'm on the right track and would love to take something home to study during downtime" The librarian looks at the page Ari is currently showing. "Oh, that hasn't been requested for quite some time now, but I did do a study on them during my younger days. Give me a moment" She chants a quick spell and a boom magically puffs into existence,on her hands. "Take this here. Anything you can find on them, you can find it here. Trust me,I helped put this togheter. Oh and remember to bring it back during the next 14 days or you will be fined. Hope you find what you are looking for!" "Thank you"

Ari thanked the librarian as he put the book in his backpack. As he was leaving the library he thought to himself "Valkyries hm...oh well,probably another dead end"

At the garden

Passing by the garden,Ari noticed a familiar figure sleeping by the shado of the World Tree. "How can someone look so peacefull...and the animals, god this is such a cute scene...I wonder if she would like a drawing of herself...well,guess I'l just fi d out" Steping lightly as to not disturb the sleeping Suzuka and all the animals, Ari sets down some 10 feet away from them,takes out his sketchboom and pencils, and starts drawing.

"She kinda looks like a pack leader right now..." Ari thought, as he layed down the first couple of lines.
11  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 16, 2018, 08:31:48 AM
"Eh?" For a moment, Ari thought she was having a bad dream. First, Suzuka suddenly collapsed and was taken to the infarmary by two random strangers she apparently was acquainted with, then Bell punched Ellie without any sort of warning or provocation, and now Elllie is lying on the ground, motionless. When Ellie hit the ground, Ari instintively jump back, gaining a tiny bit of distance between himself and Bell. Not that it matterd much as the latter simply stood there.

""Shit shit shit shit shit, what do I even do?! That was clearly not a regular punch! What the heck just happened!?" Ari was shaking in fear...and an odd sense of excitement. Mostly fear though. As he was thinking to himself, he felt an odd sensation throughout his body, as if something hidden within was rising to the surface. Not knowing what to do, Ari just wished he could do something, something to save himself, something to help Ellie...And then, for just a brief moment, wings puffed to existence from Ari's back. At that moment, Ari was somehow wearing armor, and a bunch of different weapons flashed through his mind.

When that all ended, the armor was gone and there were no wings in sight. There was, however, a voice. As the voice spoke, numerous spears made of mana appeared behind Ari. There were so many Ar couldn't count them. And in an instant, they all flew towards Bell. Bell semmed to dodge them, but as the spears landed one after another, a big smoke cloud rose from the ground.

Ari used the smoke as cover to drag Ellie further away from Bell. While doing so, he kept screaming for help, using a voice amplification spell. He threw in the names of the people that carried Suzuka away, in hopes of his pleads reaching them. While dragging Ellie away, the spears slowly stopped coming out and Ari started to get dizzy.

"Got...to...move..." "Rest child, it was a good effort but your oponent is too much for the current you." "...uh?..." As Ari's counsciousness faded away, the last thing he saw was a purple barrier circling him and Ellie
12  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 13, 2018, 05:31:05 PM
As Ari and Ellie were following Suzuka, a little girl came up with a chalkboard asking if we wanted to be friends. Nodding in agreement, she smiled at the girl, noticing that Ellie was feeling really happy for some reason. After the short stop they hurried a bit to catch up witth Suzuka.

"Ah, the garden. Ellie showed me around campus yesterday but this really is a peacefull looking area, real pretty too. Gotta bring my sketchbook with me someday and draw a bit."

As Ellie cautiously aproached Suzuka, Ari noticed something unbeliaveble. A pair of cat eras and a tail just pop out of Suzuka "What the...WHAT THE HECK!? Sh-sh-she's a... Wow, she just keeps getting cooler by the minute!" Noticing Ellie covering her mouth and freezing into position, Ari goes up to her. He lightly touches her shoulder as he gets in front of her. "I'm gonna go up there and talk with her,wish me luck..."

Ari walks towards Suzuka, making some noise along the way, just so she knows she's not trying to sneak up on her."It's probably best if I don't startle her..." "Hm...Suzuka...sorry for yesterday, didn't mean to pry, I was just worried. Also...hm...your ears and tail are showing..."
13  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 13, 2018, 06:48:29 AM
"...wasn't that a little wierd just now? Even I could feel that things power...if I remember correctly she has a collar that suposedly has a bomb in it. What if that thing just went...boom?...meh, probably overthinking this but..."

"Yeah, I think it's for the best if we get out of here too." On their way out, Ari asks Ellie "So...she's really strong hum? Gosh,she was so cool down there! Guess that's a mercenary for ya. But...I don't know something felt weird in that fight. Sure she's strong but if she has that much power why not just, you know, use it from the start? Think it's part of her strategy?" Ari has an urge to find out but at the same time he doesn't want to pry to much into his roommate's personal stuff. "We could always ask her...at the risk of getting shoved aside again but I think it would be worth it, maybe we could figure out something about how she got so powerfull. Wanna follow her? If not, we can always meet up at my room and ask her there."
14  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 11, 2018, 04:44:26 AM
On the trolley on the way to the colosseum "Teacher has a point,I'm not one with this body at all...maybe I should take up some martial arts classes.I did take some Krav Maga classes back in the day...in my original body.Sigh, now that I think about it I still go to the toilt and try to take a piss while standing up. Hold habits die hard..."

"Hey Ellie, do you think taking martial arts classes would help me get more in sync with my body? And also, there should be tons of ways to cast magic right? How do you find the best way for you to cast, the best "pen" so to speak...how did you find yours? To be honest what sensei said keeps bugging me, it's like I was being told in a subtle way that I'm not doing things wrong, but I'm not doing it right either...By the way, your magic is interesting, I noticed how sometimes a random pen or a sheet of paper would start floating out of nowhere. Dunno if anyone ever told you but I feel like you might have so much mana that it starts to uncounciously pour out of your body"
15  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP II on: July 10, 2018, 04:04:25 PM
"Okay, just like aunt taught you. Even though it's not necessay I should probably move my hand a bit, aunt said it'd be weird to just cast spells out of nowhere...oh right, she did give me that thing, I should probably use it"

Ari takes a silver ring from his bag, puts it on the right index finger and moves to the shooting position. Making a circular motion with his right hand, he brings it close to his torso. As this is done, the ring shines. "Just keep passing mana through the ring, aunt said it'd be better to make them think that the ring is required for me to preform magic...even though I don't need anything...oh well, it's not much of a bother..." As he launches his fist, he opens it. From the palm,a bolt of energy come out and hits Bob's body dead on. Ari sighs, and hopes he did enough to pass the teacher's examination.
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