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Title: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: y0k41 on June 25, 2018, 03:39:21 AM
Google doc for world-building. (

Just starting up the topic for now, let's brainstorm how to do this. :ahaha:

So far we haven't specified much cept starting from scratch and having all girl charas, if everyone's up for that. (a break from eyeball man at least)

One setting I had in mind was in a sort of Netherworld, like a former hell that got overthrown, leaving behind a sort of demony-fantasy world where, instead of dying, people "respawn" there (though they can leave to be reincarnated etc. through a mysterious gate). Those that stay there longest change in appearance but can control it to a degree (like transforming youkai) and its populated by all sortsa strange surreal creatures.
Not sure how societies would work there and what would go on though  :sweat:

Another simple idea, a youth hostel for youkai/otherworldly beings run by a loli alchemist. Set in a modern city? Could do lotsa shenanigans with that.

Another was...well, playing off a story idea I liked but never wrote yet, a halloween-themed story where these girls accidentally unlock a book that sealed tons of spirits captured by a witch, and those spirits escape and enter people, giving them powers and forming a sort of pact with them (including the 3 girls, who, in my story idea became a witch, zombie girl, and a vampy) and pressured by the owner of the book they have to help capture the escaped spirits from their human hosts, while also somehow pretending to be normal in daily life/school.
Definitely could get creative with that, and has some direction in conflict n all that.

Another...magical girls, in a world where the method to become a magical girl became public, and it integrated into society in several ways, at one level becoming a competitive arena sport in schools/colleges, on another having elite mahou shoujo special forces, volunteer magical girls to keep rogue magical girls in check, also shifting society so little girls have the least to fear, even making things like guns inferior.
Important Questions: Are there trap magical girls? Do they stay magical girls when they get older? (I'd say yes) Are there talking mascot animals? Are there magical girl prankers on youtube turning people into frogs? Hmm.
Also each magical girl would have very unique awakenings of their power, with some general skills most can use (like basic magic protection and pew pew shooting)

Okay so tbh I like the magical idea the best, anyone else got ideas?

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Post by: alex on June 25, 2018, 09:02:48 AM
I like those ideas. The magical one sounds fun as hell, love the idea of rogue magical girls (would we call those witches ou some other name?).
The one about the netherworld has a lot of potential too, I imagine the societies would be divided into factions,where the strongest of each one would rule in some kind of council? Something along those lines. Either that or survival of the fitest mode for everyone. To be honest I'm a sucker for this kind of fantasy stories so this is my favorite so far.

I thought we could do something along the lines of Konosuba or Danmachi. Don't have much in terms of originality though :sweat:

Dunno how I feel about the all girls thing but I'm down to try it if everyone is okay with it

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: y0k41 on June 25, 2018, 04:47:30 PM
Well tbh it's probably better if we just make whatever chara we feel like, but I'll go along with it if everyone else wants to lol.

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: alex on June 25, 2018, 05:33:31 PM
I'm more comfortable rping as a dude honestly :sweat:

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: uni_at_lastation on June 25, 2018, 11:09:31 PM
Yeah I am fine with the magical setting. And no Alex you must rping as a girl or better yet, a loli!!!

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: y0k41 on June 26, 2018, 06:57:52 AM
Maybe a dude who accidentally signed on to become a "magical girl"  :khukhu:

So maybe they cursed him to look like a loli, but he's still a dude inside. That could be neaat (btw I'm thinking a neet/borderline hikkikomori girl for mine, around college age but so short people mistake her for a kid a lot)

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: alex on June 26, 2018, 07:29:13 AM
Oh, that does sound interesting. I think I know what I'll be going for :thumbup:
Also, about the contracts and powers n all that, any restrictions I should have in mind?
Like, are familiars ok? Blood crazed magical girls okay? You know, that stuff

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: y0k41 on June 28, 2018, 03:22:08 AM
Guuys I sat down and expanded on the world-building quite a bit, I've put what I've got so far in this google doc. Feel free to comment/give feedback and suggestions. Click here for it. (

I plan to get pretty deep into it, because 1. it's nice writing practice 2. I might use it beyond this RP one day 3. it's fun damnit  :lulz: Still has a ton more to fill out but this should be a good start~

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: y0k41 on June 30, 2018, 03:00:06 AM
So uh, now that we've at least started on the general stuff, maybe zoom in on some specific starting scenario..? Or got character ideas to share? I'm afraid I don't have much thought up yet but maybe a school club of sorts that is trying to form a team for magical girl battles. Except its only 1 person so far and she tries to go to desperate measures to even "trick" people to join? Could see a way leading up to alex's chara getting roped in.  :lulz:

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: alex on June 30, 2018, 06:49:12 PM
Oh, nice. Been trying to find a reason to get my char to do the damn pact,now I have one. Though I dunno how I should do my character's bio. He's gonna permanentely stay a loli girl as soon as he does the magic circle thing right? Then I should probably describe both his male and female form... I'll get on to it next tuesday night, currently studying for exams

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: uni_at_lastation on July 01, 2018, 12:54:24 PM
Might as well start with mine.

Name: Suzuka Huckein

Role: Close - Mid range combat

Armaments: Strike Sword and Strike Shield with the shield being attached to the user’s left arm.


Thunder Crash - Manipulate the electrical charge from storm clouds and form a lightning pillar cage from above using each tip of the caster’s fingers per lightning pillar, the caster may clench one’s fist resulting in all 5 pillars of lightning to quickly close in and roast the targets into a single big pillar of lightning.

Inner focus - Cause the caster to focus one’s mana into a weapon usually a sword for a extra boost to damage.

Slyph’s Wind - Cause the caster to move fast and allows flight.

Magic bullet - A bullet made of pure mana

Bio: A warrior mage who roams the world doing mercenaries for others while searching for the mage who gave her a deep scar on left eye thus she wore a eyepatch. She was recently caught by the mage association and was planned for execution but decided to try and reform her by enrolling her in a mage school. Current offense in school includes getting into fights and playing truant.

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: y0k41 on July 01, 2018, 06:15:54 PM
I like it! Also brings up the idea of a setting in a magical school, and I like how you used the world building stuffs.

Here's my try then:

Name: Ellie Fritz

Age: 20 (short and often mistaken as a child)

Role: Unknown

A former NEET living alone in an apartment in Japan (or wherever the magic school is located). Her parents discovered she had dropped out of college and forced her to enroll in a Mage Academy, known for their strictness and effectiveness. She now lives in an on-campus dormitory with a roommate.

She was Awakened upon joining, but so far failed to exhibit any innate skills other than causing nearby objects to fly about randomly. She also once caused nearby plants to whither.

So far she struggles with basic magic skills, only inconsistently able to perform class C magic missles and single-layer shield projecting (about the size of a trashcan lid).

Note: Magic academy students vary greatly in age, with mixed classes for magic related classes, as well as regular education based on grades.

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Post by: y0k41 on July 04, 2018, 02:09:50 AM
Note: I'm just writing a bit of a practice passage to help introduce Ellie. Hope it makes sense.  :sweat:
(also I just realized 1st person is probably a bad idea for RP lol)

    “Miss Fritz?” Professor Murdel peered at me over his round spectacles, not hiding the lack of expectations in his goateed frown. Ugh. I hate lab time.
     “Your group may proceed to demonstrate their results…assuming, of course, you are capable.” Some snickering in the background.
     “Of course, teach. I’ll go first.” My lab partner (and roomate) Miya spoke up, her voice like a bell. She was buying me time-not that any time would be enough, though the gesture was nice.
     She stepped apart from us, her fluffy blonde hair bouncing as she moved. She unsheathed her dagger and held it up to the sun. A strange antique with its ivory handle and steel blade, etched with mysterious runes that glowed blue as it drank in the sun. I asked her where she’d gotten it once- she told me it was just a model hunting knife she found at a flea market and took to a shop to get customized. It seemed to call out to her, she said- just the style she was looking for.

     She took a deep breath, then glanced at the professor for confirmation, to which he gave a slight nod. The knife danced as it swiftly carved a pattern into the air, followed by a quick jab. A dazzling blue bolt shot off the tip, curving slightly to hit the rubber target dummy 10 meters away, which erratically bounced as if slammed by a professional boxer. There was a polite applause.

     “A fine display, you even went as far as to have it home in. Your gesture could be much more efficient, but it’ll have to do for now. Make sure to master your manual aim. Next.”

     I reluctantly stepped up to the platform and held up my wand like a conductor’s baton. A classic wooden stick favored by students under tight budgets, or those who simply didn’t like standing out. I bought it at the student store for $3.99 along with some granola bars. Technically, I could’ve just grabbed any stick off the ground, but these things are at least sturdy and better for fwipping around. I could still feel the residue where the price sticker was.

     I closed my eyes. Breathe in. Mentally construct it. A glowing blue orb. All I have to do is swing this wand, and this bolt will launch into existence. Focus. Breathe out.
     “…any day now, Miss Fritz.” More snickering, and some shushing. Immature bastards. The orb flickered and turned red. I opened my eyes and slashed the air.
     Nothing. An expectant silence. I swung my wand once more. No response. I sighed, ready to step off, when suddenly the training dummy quivered and swung around like someone was shaking it by the shoulders. It bounced back in place with a comically loud sprooing, which caught everyone off guard and got out a good laugh.
     “…It seems Bob felt sorry for you and pretended to be hit.” Professor Murdel smirked. “I’m not entirely sure what you did to him, but at the very least you interacted with the target, so that’s improvement. Next time, I hope you’ll meet the actual assignment. Next!”

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: alex on July 04, 2018, 02:34:56 PM
Name: Ari Göndul

Age: 18

Role: Unknown

Magic: D and E level spells

Bio: A boy with an unhealthy obsession with magical girls and their magic. Grew up with his aunt, who did some work with the Peacekeepers before getting caught in the crossfire between a rougue magical girl and a member of the Mages Association’s specialized task force. While trying to rescue a child, she got grazed by fire magic and suffered minor burns to her back and the right side of her body. Her efforts went unnoticed and she decided that she’d be better of serving society as a kindergarten teacher.

Ari had sparkles in his eyes whenever his aunt would tell him stories of her school days in a magical girl school, but the ones he loved the most were the ones where she would battle in the arena.

He kept his appearance of a regular arts student during the day, but every night he would perform the ritual to receive the powers of a magical girl.

Finally, at the age of 18, his wish was granted…well, sort of. He did get the powers, but he was also turned into a girl. And inside the circle, there was a message: “If you want the powers so much, have them. But you are cursed to live the rest of your life as a loli girl! Now stop getting on my nerves and piss off! Best regards: Supreme Magical Entity ”

After a huge panic attack, his aunt came to the rescue. They reached the conclusion that it was for the best that he started living as a girl, hiding the fact that deep inside he was still a boy. Having no other choice, she called in a favor with a friend at The Mage Association and enrolled Ari in the academy she took classes in.

Now at the entrance of the academy, Ari came up with an objective to help him through the days to come. He swore he’d reach the top ranks of the Magical Arena as he stepped through the gates of the academy.

Appearence: Ari has light blue eyes, and short light grey hair. Height wise, due to a curse, Ari was turned into a loli. Clothes wise, if there's a school uniform thats what Ari will wear, if not, a white hoodie, light blue shorts and a pair of all stars. Ari uses a black backpack to carry his/her stuff around, and he/she keeps the backpack close at all times when on school grounds, the only exception being her room. There, the backpack is usually leaning against her bed. The earring he/she wears on his/her left hear has the symbol showed bellow engraved inside the blue gem. He/She also has a tattoo covering his/her back.

Ari(picture for reference,ignore the brooch):

Symbol on Ari's earring:

Ari's tattoo:

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Post by: uni_at_lastation on July 07, 2018, 01:15:31 PM
Mage Academy

Suzuka walks along the halls leading to dormitories when she was stopped by some students.

"You got some nerve just ditching class like that, what are you? Some big...." Before a student could finished, Suzuka grab her in the face and slam her against the wall. "What the! Why you punk!" Another student tried to use some magic but Suzuka quickly grab her arm and toss her to another girl who also try to conjure some magic. Leaving the 3 bodies on the floor, she head back to the dorm.

Suzuka enter her room, toss her bag to the side of the wall and jump into bed. The room is big, able to accommodate about 4 people which explains four beds in the room, 2 on each side of the room with a study table and a small wardrobe beside each bed. She stares at the ceiling for a while before she got bored and went to a deep sleep.

Outside the room

"Right...Time to make some friends..." The girl named Ari said to herself. "Calm down, it's no big deal...We are just friends...I hope..." With a shaky confidence, she grab the doorknob and open the door...

Title: Re: Lolitannia RP II
Post by: alex on July 07, 2018, 02:05:45 PM
Entering the room, Ari notices a girl sleeping on one of the beds. "Hm...maybe it's better if I don't wake her up, she might need to rest..." Ari thinks.

Ari softly puts a bag full of clothes by one of the beds on the opposite side of the room from where the other girl was sleeping. As he's lying on the bed, he takes off his backpack and lies down on the bed while taking a book from the backpack. "I better start studying how to at least perform C class spells...I bet I'm really far behind in terms of both skill and knowledge..." Ari thinks. Before starting to read the first chapter of the book, Ari looks at the sleeping girl. "...I really hope we can be friends. I dunno if I can act all girly though...meh, everything should work out just fine"

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Post by: y0k41 on July 08, 2018, 06:35:02 PM
I just realized how was a guy (can't use magic) teaching a magic technique class lol...maybe he just knows it really well in theory. =v=;


   Ellie stared at a vending machine outside the cafe, pondering what drink would best quench her thirst. She was in "The Castle," an elegant modern landmark building on campus that housed the dormitories, a cafeteria and cafe, a common area, a library, a bathhouse and of course the Hall right next door, where any and every event took place, from karaoke night to ballroom dances. The cafe was on the 2nd floor across from the library (which took up 2 stories)- it was a quiet and spacious area on the backside of the castle, an island of snowy white tiles with tall glass walls that overlooked the garden, enveloped by the calm blue carpet padding anyone's footsteps. The ceiling was generously high- over 5 meters, a bit dizzying for the petite Ellie. Up and down the hall were the dorms, which continued up to the 3rd floor. It wasn't truly a 3rd floor- more of an extension of the 2nd, allowing 3 layers of dorm rooms to be efficiently yet comfortably placed on top of each other in a dizzying feat of architecture. This was the quiet floor of the castle- the cafeteria and lounge downstairs provided a more rowdy environment.

   She went with an iced coffee- it was still early afternoon after all, she could probably handle the caffeine. She sat down on an inviting couch, staring up at the domed ceiling, the skylights letting in pale clouded sunlight. It looked like it might rain tonight. She heard, down the hall, an approaching grumble of voices.
   "The nerve of that bitch! She won't get away with this." Ellie glanced up and accidentally met eyes with the passing girl, a fairly tall brunette with wavy hair and a black eye. She must have stared too hard, because the girl looked offended. "What are you looking at?!"
   "Uh, nothing," mumbled Ellie, cursing her luck. One of the other 2 girls whispered into the brunette's ear. Suddenly she smirked.
   "Oh, you're the newest failure to waltz into our school eh? It's bad manners to stare at your superiors, you know." Ellie glared at the other girl, who she now recognized from her Lab class. They were young, maybe middle schoolers, with the brunette a few years older. It was hard to take them seriously.
"Uh huh," Ellie mumbled indifferently. "Sorry but, you kids are annoying. Don't involve me in your childish power games. Can you go somewhere else? I just want to drink my coffee."

"Childish?" the girl spat out. "Are you even older than me?"
"Uh, as a matter of fact, I'm twenty. Now please leave."
The three girls exchanged looks, and then laughed. "It seems you don't get how things work around here. Age doesn't mean a damn. I was gonna let you go, but for your sake, I'll teach you a lesson instead." The girl slipped a coin out of her pocket and gave it a flip. She slapped it on her wrist. The lamp next to Ellie wobbled, then turned into a rock. "How would you like to be a toad for a day?" She smiled devilishly.

Ellie stared at the girl, considering if she was bluffing. She had a bad feeling in her gut. My room should be right down the hall...3rd door on the right. The girl flipped her coin. Ellie whipped out her wand like an unsheathed sword, and the coin flailed erratically in the air before falling to the ground. Thank goodness she has such stupid spell casting. Ellie sprinted off with her backpack as the other girls pulled out a watergun and button-activated magical girl Momoka deluxe spinning wandtm, praying she bought herself enough time. She ducked as the framed photo above her turned into a slinky, stumbled for the doorknob and prayed it was unlocked. She swung it open and quickly slammed it and locked it, slumping down in relief. She heard muffled voices outside.
   "Hold it, it's that girl's room..!" "Shit! She knows her?!" "Maybe we can take her this time..." and then a distant, new voice.
"Shit! The disciplinary committee!" Scrambled footsteps outside. Silence.
Ellie sighed in relief, her heart still nervously beating. "Miya, thank god you were in here," she started. Ari stared back at her, and then Ellie finally realized she was in the wrong room.

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Post by: alex on July 08, 2018, 06:56:46 PM
"Ehrm...thanks?" Ari stared at the petit girl that barged into the room. "Hm, are you one of my roommates?" Noticing the before peacefully slipping girl move in the bed, Ari thought maybe she was going to wake up because of the noise. "Hm, that girl over there seems to be sleeping so if you have any business with her, I guess you should  wake her up?"

'Wait' Ari thinks, 'this is a good chance to make a friend!'

"Hm, my name is Ari, Ari Göndul. I just arrived today. May I know your name?"

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Post by: Kuro vi Lolitannia on July 09, 2018, 09:54:58 AM
A bit late but here is mine

Original Name: Balalaika
Current Name: Bell Aika

Age: 40 years old. Male.

Appearance: 130 cm little girl with shoulder length white hair and white eyes. Covered with black robe. Inside wearing black colored short and shirt. There are handcuffs with broken chain on his both hands and legs.

Role: Close Range combat

Armaments: None (using fist to fight). But has special handcuffs to severely weakened him. And a red colored colar with some kinda magic gem in the middle. All cannot be removed by him, and if removed by force he will die.

Magic: Body Strenghtening Rank S (only thing he can use) but now reduced to C. Granting strong physical body that increase strength and turned body hard as defense. While at rank S it can even destroy a mountain with one punch but now it's severy weakened and can create small crater on the ground at most with a punch. Using it's maximum power at rank S will cause severe pain all over his body and usually someone would not even last 1 second due to the pain, but he has abnormal tolerance towards pain (even masochistic tendency towards it) and actually enjoys it, so he can use it up to 1 hour (though he will need to rest and can't use it again for 1 hour for every minute passed, so if he only use it for 20 minutes, he need to rest for 20 hours before he can use it again). At current rank C though, he can freely use it without any consequences.

Is actually a 2 meters tall muscular man. A crazy criminal who, despite being a male, found a way to use magic (albeit only body strenghtening type) via forbidden ritual of killing 66 magical girls, and take a bath in their blood. Has knowledge and technique of mixed martial arts which is dangerous combined with the body strenghtening magic. As one of the few criminal with rank S magic, he actually caused tons of trouble and it took Mage Association's elite Peacekeepers to finally take him down.

Mage Association believes that his past contains some kind of important information (especially on how he found out about the forbidden ritual) and thus chose to not execute him. Instead they put "Handcuffs of Mana Leak" to prevent him from using his full power and "Gem of Transformation" on unremovable collar to turn him into a little girl. Both items then cursed with "Lock of Death" which will kill it's wearer if they unlock it via other means except for using special key owned by the leader of Mage Association.

Now he's put as a student in Mage Academy to see just how hard it is to be magical girls. Mage Association planned to make him regret his action by looking at the efforts of the magical girls and thus confess everything about his past by doing so, because various mind magic doesn't seem to work on him, and being tortured just making him happy. He himself thinks that it's stupid and always try to find a chance to run (though it's impossible because his collar also contains a special transmitter that can trace him), and think maybe there is something in Academy that can helps him. Only the headmaster, dorm mother, and few teachers know his real identity.

Live in the dorm like other students, but in a special room for himself that cannot be unlocked from the inside. The dorm mother unlock this room every morning at 6AM. Also has curfew and must return before 7PM or he'll be hunted immediately by the Peacekeepers.

Known by other students as some kinda rich ojou-sama from prestigious family and thus given special treatment (based on rumors that's actually spread by the headmaster).

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Post by: Kuro vi Lolitannia on July 09, 2018, 10:10:27 AM
I'll use her and she instead of him and he for Bell because of her current form.

"So noisy... The brats are fighting huh? I hear something slammed on the wall. Did she die? Ehehe, hehehe, I wonder if they would give me her corpse if I ask politely tomorrow. Hehe. Heheheheheheh." Bell giggled and smiled widely inside her room. People who see this might think "Omg, look at that cute little girl giggling, I wonder what she's thinking about" when they see this girl with angelic face.

"Tch, because of this damn handcuffs, I cannot strengthen my hearing too much... Couldn't even find out if someone died or not. It's annoying right, Pleasure? Hehe. Hehe." she giggled again as she faced towards a torn up doll shaped as faceless girl in magical girl clothes. "I WANT SOMEONE BETTER THAN YOUUUUU PLEASUUUREEEEE" she shouted as she punched the doll's face. It's ripped now and some cottons came out.

"Ah--- Ah-- No worries, I'll ask you to be fixed tomorrow... Don't sulk okay? Don't don't don't don't don't. I must must must must be patient with just you... JUST YOU... They will let me join class tomorrow finally, need to be good. Need to be good. Must not hit. Or I won't be allowed to go outside again, heheh. Hehehehehe. The brats, as friend, living friend, living for a long time, not just for few hours, and turned to dead friend. Exciting. Right, Pleasure? Right? Oh lemme rip your arm a bit." Bell ripped the right arm of the doll and then throw it to the wall.

"Sleep~ For tomorrow~ Happy happy tomorrow~"

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Post by: uni_at_lastation on July 09, 2018, 12:30:03 PM
Deep in her sleep, Suzuka recall her memories of when she was younger.

In a small quiet town, everything seems to normal. The young Suzuka's daily job is just attend school, go home and be with her family. No one knows of her magic potential, so she use her magic in secret just for amusement by making flowers, producing water from no where and any harmless small magic no one will mind.

All was fine until, a female mage covered in black robe walks into the town and in an instant the town was razed with fire, Suzuka's family was brutally burned. When it was Suzuka's turn to die, the mage raise a weapon and slam it down but Suzuka barely avoid the weapon but the force of the impact knock her to a wall. The mage walk towards Suzuka, grab her long hair and drag her to the far edge of town. The mage hold Suzuka by her hair to eye level, using her free hand she scratch deep into Suzuka's eye from top skin down to the eye in the middle and the skin below. For the first time, Suzuka scream in pain but the mage wasn't done, she proceed to gorge Suzuka's injured eye out causing her to scream so hard she roll left to right and right to left over and over again till the pain but not before the mage brandish out her weapon, a huge and long black cannon with a axe blade at the bottom of the barrel. The mage aimed at the burning town and let loose a blackish red lightning beam at the town, resulting in a huge explosion. The sight of her beloved town plus the extreme pain in her left empty eye socket cause Suzuka to black out.

When Suzuka awoke she found herself in a hospital with nurses and doctors tending to her but when she remembered her destroyed town it caused her to faint again. A few days later she woke up in the middle of the night, she stagger towards the mirror to inspect the damage caused by the unknown female mage, the scar is still there but there is something in her eye, it look like a robotic eye but it isn't. Nervously she check the medical clipboard, it reads: "unknown ball artifact in victim's left eye socket, will proceed for further examination under the supervision of the mage association" Fearing the "further examination" might cause more harm than good to her, Suzuka escape the hospital in the night and was never seen again.

Her dream recollection was interrupt by voices in the room and woke up with tears in her right eye as she look in the general direction of the conversation between Ari and Ellie.

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Post by: y0k41 on July 09, 2018, 02:47:33 PM
"Um...Ari?" Ellie looked around uncomfortably at the unfamiliar room. She gave a nervous cough. "No, I'm not your roommate, in fact I should be leaving..." she reached for the doorknob but heard more footsteps outside.
"Yes...yes...file that in the report. Looks like a small scale fight. Find and punish anyone involved- we cannot tolerate such negligent behavior by our students. Apparently a group of middle-schoolers..." the voice trailed off. Ellie's hand hovered by the doorknob, then shrank away.

"On second thought...mind if I hang around a bit?" she put on an awkward smile. "Oh right, I'm Ellie...." she trailed off, not knowing what to say next. "I've been here a month or so. In college. But my magic is still beginner....Yup." She stood there a bit rigidly, not sure where to stand or sit. Needless to say she was not so fond of socializing.

A knock on the door made Ellie jump. "Hello? Is anyone in there? We're looking for a few students..." In a panic, she leapt into the nearest bed and hid under the sheets.

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Post by: alex on July 09, 2018, 03:37:39 PM
For now I'll keep using male pronouns when refering to Ari, since he is a dude who looks like a loli girl...still a dude inside!

"..." Ari walks towards the door,while Ellie tries to look unsuspicious...

"Yes?" "Hello, we are looking for a group of middle school students, they were causing a comotion a little while ago. Did you by any chance see or hear something about it? They were a group of middle-schoolers" "I didn't see anything but I heard some people running past,maybe it was them?" "Maybe. Thank you for your cooperation" "Anytime"

As Ari closes the door, she can hear the important looking people going away. As Ari walks back to bed:

"Okay, you can come out now. I'm not sure what happened but you should probably wait here for a while, just to be safe. So, mind filling your junior in? As a matter of fact...I got these papers through mail and it seems I only need to show up to class tomorrow...I guess it's one of the begginer level classes...anyways, could you take a look at these and lend me a hand? Ah, if it's not too much of a bother I mean..."

Ari suddenly notices the crying girl,who was previously sleeping,and rushes to her side, leaving the papers he was talking about on top of his bed. As he gets closer, he takes a paper tissue from his pocket and hands it to the girl. "Hm, are you okay? I don't know what is wrong's probably okay now..."

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Post by: y0k41 on July 10, 2018, 12:04:08 AM
"Oh, sure..." Ellie absentmindedly leafed through the papers, her mind wandering. Might as well return the favor. Looks like she's enrolled in the same Magic Application class, along with the mandatory Lab credits. Crap, that's tomorrow. Well, there goes any good impression I've made on her. Hah! All I've done is get lost and hide under the sheets.
She sneered at herself. Nothing to lose there. Let'see, what else...just the usual G.E. with a side of magic lessons. Ah, Mage History with Laura Frank, now that's a quirky professor. Hm...? She glanced at a copy of Ari's registration form. Well that's a weird error to make. Who the heck fills in Male by accident and crosses it out? What an airhead.
"Hey Ari, I'll show you around the campus if you don't know where to go, it's a friggin labyrinth when you're new." Ellie glanced up and saw the 2 girls on the other bed. Ooh, looks like the other girl woke up. Yikes, is she having a moment? That Ari girl sure is bold, I would've just given her some space...

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Suzuka still drowsy from sleeping, grab the tissue and wipe her tears off. "You ok? Did you have a bad dream?" Ari concernedly asked. Suzuka suddenly remember her bad memories, grab Ari by the shirt collar and whisper in her ear "None...of your business..." She push Ari aside and walk past Ellie who froze by her very presence and left the room.

Ellie unfroze and slumps into the bed while continuing to browse through Ari documents "Geee....Ari you sure have bad luck getting to share the room with her. She's been here in this school more longer before you arrived, she doesn't have any roommates who want to share the room because of her status. You know right? A well known mercenary who fought many battles for money, until her client betray her and was caught by the Mage Association and the Peacekeepers. See that collar around her neck? That's to prevent her from using any highly dangerous spells she currently possessed, oh I also heard that collar is a bomb collar or something though it might not be true. Ever since then, all she did was lofting around passing all the test the school can throw at her and finally gave up and let her be on her own while being targeted by the senpais who not only are jealous of her but despises her for her unclean status as a mercenary like some upper social class. Once a while you might find dent marks on walls or blood stain on the lockers, should be her handy work keeping the senpais and bullies in check. Hey are you even listening to me?"

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Watching the girl leave "I guess everyone as their share of problems...Probably not a good idea to pry into her personal stuff, although she didn't feel that bad a person..." Hearing Ellie talking about the girl who just left, Ari is brought back to reality.

"Eh? Oh,sorry,I was a bit distracted. Anyways, she sounds like a strong person. She might have her own issues to worry about but it was kinda my fault for sticking my nose where it didn't belong. I'll take you up on that campus tour. I'lll treat you to something if when we pass by the cafeteria, I have some spare change that could use some spending"

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Ah...could it be, she's the one who gave that bully a black-eye? Ellie recalled the chatter she heard outside the door. They should count themselves lucky that's all it ended at. I definitely don't want to get on her bad side.

"Alright, I"ll show you around. My room's right next door, lemme drop off my bag first."
   With that the two girls walked about the campus. Ellie explained how it was arranged in a large circle, like a clock. The "Castle" was on the east end of the map, 3'o clock, its gardens the getting the best of the rising sun's rays. 12 was the elementary school- 1 the Middleschool, 2 the Highschool. 4'o clock was the college buildings. 6'o clock the Colosseum and other sports grounds, which overlapped with 5 and 7. 8 was the main library. 9'o clock was the administrative buildings. 10'o clock the arts buildings and theatre. 11 is basically just a park, with the bus stop to head into the main city (a 20 minute ride). Past the outside were mostly mountains and forest.
   Although simple on paper, the tricky part navigating campus was everything in between the circumference. Essentially a whole town plaza was crammed into campus- there were no vehicles permitted (the campus wasn't too huge anyways), but a system of street trolleys made getting around convenient. Plenty of places to eat and shop, even apartments for more residents. Although 80% of the population is students, some people just live here permanently. This "Academy City" was a bit of a tourist destination, so depending on the time of year the "plaza" could be quite thriving and busy.

   In the very center was this all was the Magic Center- the heart and soul of the academy where all magic-related classes are held. All students frequent this building one way or another. The girls ate crepes from a stall at the park after a long afternoon, courtesy of Ari, and in the evening hit the cafeteria for dinner. When Ellie brought up going for the public bathhouse, Ari seemed flustered and ran off with some excuse of having work she had to finish.

   The next morning.
   "Next!" Professor Murdel called out, as Ellie and Miya walked back to their seats. "Ari, was it? Looks like you're the last one left today." He gave her a scrutinizing look, as if recognizing something odd in her eyes, making her uncomfortable. He dismissed the odd feeling. "Well, let's see what you're capable of. Just a simple class D missile will do. And no stepping past the line!" He gestured to Bob the target dummy and the class waited to see how she'd conjure up her magic.

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"Okay, just like aunt taught you. Even though it's not necessay I should probably move my hand a bit, aunt said it'd be weird to just cast spells out of nowhere...oh right, she did give me that thing, I should probably use it"

Ari takes a silver ring from his bag, puts it on the right index finger and moves to the shooting position. Making a circular motion with his right hand, he brings it close to his torso. As this is done, the ring shines. "Just keep passing mana through the ring, aunt said it'd be better to make them think that the ring is required for me to preform magic...even though I don't need anything...oh well, it's not much of a bother..." As he launches his fist, he opens it. From the palm,a bolt of energy come out and hits Bob's body dead on. Ari sighs, and hopes he did enough to pass the teacher's examination.

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   "Hm..." the professor observed Ari's movements carefully, stroking his beard. "Nice technique. Let's take this opportunity to review what a magic trigger is." He cleared his throat. "As we all know, everyone varies in how they channel their spells. Many people think this is only a matter of style, but in fact, it boils down to the caster's personality. The key to magic is in imagination, but body and mind are closely connected, and "ritual" is a key trigger to imagination. The more significant this symbolic act to the caster, the more powerfully their magic is projected. This is why many magical girls change their triggers as they grow up- to discover your ideal trigger is akin to discovering yourself. And I think I should be speaking for most of us when I say that is no easy task." He held up his hands in mock defeat.
   "Ari," he turned back to the child before him, slipping on a glove inscribed with a magical circle. "That was a fine display of magic. However, as a martial artist, I must say that your heart and body felt out-of-sync. Do you know the concept of Kiai? Allow me to demonstrate." He took up a stance, a bit of an odd sight for an older man with graying hair in a suit. His teaching assistant faced him, holding up a padded glove. The professor drew in a long, silent breath. Then he launched forward with his fist and an air-splitting shout, as if it all were released at once from an immense force of invisible pressure. "HAH!!"
   The assistant stayed firm, but was pushed back several meters in a cloud of dust. "A nifty invention," the professor spoke as he slipped off the now steaming glove, "but terribly impractical compared to the magic you girls possess. I hope it may have demonstrated something today. Remember, put your heart and soul into your trigger- it is the pen, your magic is the ink. A great mage does not smear ink with their bare hands. Explore this thoroughly. Class dismissed!"

   Ellie sighed, embarrassed at the events of the day. Miya had already left for her private lessons (most advanced students take these), leaving her with the much-younger Ari. "Well...neat class, eh? Looks like that's all we have today, Saturdays are pretty easy." She tried to ignore the fact that her underclassman already outshone her, a bit depressed. "Well, I'll probably head back to the dorms The colosseum?" Ellie noticed a certain sparkle in Ari's eyes as she brought up the topic. "Well, it's where the battles take place, but the season hasn't started yet...hrm? You still want to go? Well...I guess I don't mind." Ellie caved in at the other girl's obvious enthusiasm. (plus she was weak against little girls) "C'mon, we'll hop on a trolley. I don't think anyone will be there, but if we're lucky, maybe we'll get to see some people practicing."

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On the trolley on the way to the colosseum "Teacher has a point,I'm not one with this body at all...maybe I should take up some martial arts classes.I did take some Krav Maga classes back in the my original body.Sigh, now that I think about it I still go to the toilt and try to take a piss while standing up. Hold habits die hard..."

"Hey Ellie, do you think taking martial arts classes would help me get more in sync with my body? And also, there should be tons of ways to cast magic right? How do you find the best way for you to cast, the best "pen" so to did you find yours? To be honest what sensei said keeps bugging me, it's like I was being told in a subtle way that I'm not doing things wrong, but I'm not doing it right either...By the way, your magic is interesting, I noticed how sometimes a random pen or a sheet of paper would start floating out of nowhere. Dunno if anyone ever told you but I feel like you might have so much mana that it starts to uncounciously pour out of your body"

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Before Ellie could answer, they arrived at the Colosseum. "If I am not mistaken, it should be empty but...ooooh boy look at all these mess..." Ellie point out to craters scattered on the Colosseum arena grounds. " are a disgrace to mages everywhere..." A small girl was held up by the neck from a girl. "Yeaaah...10 dollars that's your roommate..." Ellie shivers up at Suzuka choking the girl.

"We are not done yet! We need to show this "kouhai" that we are better than her! Everyone release your mana and concentrate into a massive ball!" One of the big student instructed. "Wait wait...they are not seriously gonna..." Ellie trembles "Wait what are they doing?" Ari trying to gasp the situation. Ellie nervously explain "They are trying to use a huge ball of mana on Suzuka! Think of it as a huge atom bomb they are making! Now if I were you I hide somewhere safe!"

Suzuka toss the unconscious girl aside and dash towards the remaining students. "NOW!" The big ball of mana closing in on Suzuka but instead of avoiding it she dash towards the ball. "YES!!!! WE DID IT!!! WHO'S THE" But the ball of mana dissipates into thin air. In the middle was Suzuka, donning her Strike Sword Shield, gently land on the floor. She walk past the senpais who were on sitting on the floor awestruck. "That was dangerous...If I haven't absorb the mana, you could have been caught in the explosion and kill yourself. Try to be careful next time..."senpais"" She walk away, her equipment slowly disappears into bright blue dust.

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"Hey Ellie, do you think taking martial arts classes would help me get more in sync with my body? And also, there should be tons of ways to cast magic right? How do you find the best way for you to cast, the best "pen" so to did you find yours? To be honest what sensei said keeps bugging me, it's like I was being told in a subtle way that I'm not doing things wrong, but I'm not doing it right either...By the way, your magic is interesting, I noticed how sometimes a random pen or a sheet of paper would start floating out of nowhere. Dunno if anyone ever told you but I feel like you might have so much mana that it starts to uncounciously pour out of your body"
   "Sorry but, I'm not the right person to ask. I've never taken martial arts, and I still just use this cheap student wand...but, well," Ellie absently watched the pedestrians crossing the street, "I read a book a famous swordsman. He said that...the sword must become part of your body. So that, even without thinking, you are one with it. So...maybe it just means don't overthink it and practice til you don't notice it anymore? Aha..." she laughed nervously. "Anyhoo, that's a generous theory of yours, but I really don't think I have any special power going on. It's weird, it doesn't even feel like I'm the one moving things when it happens, it just...does its own thing? Ah, maybe I'll learn over time..." the trolley arrived at their stop. There was smoke in the distance, barely visible past the colosseum's outline. "Well, that can't be a good sign..."

[skip to present]

   "W-what the hell...what's gotten into all those girls? Something's weird here for them to act so nuts." Ellie looked on at the messy scene. "I mean, I get being proud, but taking it this far...? Something's wrong..." she couldn't help but have a weird feeling. "Well, nothing I can do about it. Hey, let's get out of here before we get wrapped up in the aftermath," Ellie motioned to Ari.

   Although I am a bit curious about that Suzuka girl...should we follow her? I wonder if she thinks something weird is up too? Ellie sighed, thinking. "ahh, but this all reeks of danger..." she mumbled to herself.

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"...wasn't that a little wierd just now? Even I could feel that things power...if I remember correctly she has a collar that suposedly has a bomb in it. What if that thing just went...boom?...meh, probably overthinking this but..."

"Yeah, I think it's for the best if we get out of here too." On their way out, Ari asks Ellie "So...she's really strong hum? Gosh,she was so cool down there! Guess that's a mercenary for ya. But...I don't know something felt weird in that fight. Sure she's strong but if she has that much power why not just, you know, use it from the start? Think it's part of her strategy?" Ari has an urge to find out but at the same time he doesn't want to pry to much into his roommate's personal stuff. "We could always ask the risk of getting shoved aside again but I think it would be worth it, maybe we could figure out something about how she got so powerfull. Wanna follow her? If not, we can always meet up at my room and ask her there."

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Time shows noon already.

And finally. The lock on Bell's room opened from outside. It's special lock strengthened with various magic and cannot be opened except by few persons, the dorm mother, the headmaster, and other executives of mage association. The room's wall also strengthened and cannot be destroyed easily.

The dorm mother opened the door and tossed a bag. "Eat all of them. From tomorrow on I will unlock this door at 6AM. Return before 7 PM. Headmaster said to let you get used to school, so we will formally introduce you to class tomorrow. Just wander around today."

Bell smirked and opened the bag, "Kufuhfuh, finally outside... I thought you forgot about me, no breakfast today and I almost died of starvation~" inside there is a burger, a bottle of water, and a pill.

Not many know what a pill is just from looking at it, but Bell knows fully what it is. She often used it when 'playing' with her 'friends' when they get too noisy after all. It's called 'Parashuttamol' a drug that numbs your vocal cord for 12 hours so you won't be able to speak.

"Ah~ What is this? And don't gaze at me with those cold eyes. Ehehe, if it's not girl's body I would already have a bo--" before she could finish, the Dorm mother interrupted. "Some people you killed and tortured were my students. If it's not because of the association I would kill you 10 times over already."

She threw some kinda board. There is a pen tied to it. "Magic board. You can write and erase it freely by using a little bit of mana. We can change your voice but not your way of talking. From now on your role will be a mute rich noble girl."

Bell popped the pill in her mouth. She can feel her vocal cord going numb. Satisfied? she wrote on the board.


Bell wandered around a bit afterwards. Looking around and memorizing the place's structure. Pretty big place... she thought to herself.

She then saw 2 girls looking around suspiciously. It seems like these 2 are following another girl. He grinned and touched their shoulder. Both of them looked a bit shocked.

With a wide grin on her face, she wrote on her board.

Hey. I'm Bell. Wanna be friends?

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The Gardens outside

Unaware that 3 girls were following her, Suzuka decides to rest near the giant tree in the middle of the garden which called the World Tree and recalls that brief moment when she entered the mana ball.

A few minutes ago
Entering the ball she felt a burning sensation throughout her body due to the pure concentrated mana burning her and also malfunctions the collar wrap around her neck. Knowing she won't last long inside, she call forth her Strike Sword Shield and activate the absorption mode which eats away the mana allowing the mana ball to disintegrate harmlessly into air. As she leave the Colosseum, her collar reactivate and her equipment disappears. Knowing she save the students and the academy, Suzuka leaves the senpais and decides to talk a walk.

Present Time
Suzuka stretches her arms and legs before slumping down next to the World Tree, probably due to the being inside the burning mana ball, she takes this chance to rest and heal her wounds. Suzuka lay down on the grass patch under the shade of the World Tree, gentle breeze brushing her hair. As if by instinct reaction to the relaxing atmosphere, her long cat ears and tail pop out, revealing Suzuka to be a ancient Beastman.

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   "Alright, I'm curious, let's catch up and ask her..." Ellie and Ari trailed after Suzuka, though keeping a wary distance. Ellie was a bit too intimidated to call out to her, and perhaps Ari was just following Ellie's example and staying silent.
   Wait...isn't this just stalking...? Ellie thought after several minutes following her trail. Suddenly she felt a soft hand on her shoulder and almost let out a gasp in surprise. She turned around to see an unfamiliar but cute little girl. Wanna be friends..? she read. I don't really get what's going on, but am I really getting 2 adorable kouhais in just 2 days? Could this be a glittering new chapter in my life as a cool senpai surrounded by cute imoutos, my reward for finally leaving the NEET life? Ellie started giggling creepily to herself, lost in fantasies. She gave the girl a silent thumbs up and a grin, then hurried to catch up with Suzuka before she got out of sight.

   The garden, huh...although its pretty, not many people hang out around here. She must be tired. Maybe now's our chance to talk to her...? Ellie cautiously approached Suzuka, only to nearly fall over in surprise when her cat ears and tail popped out. She held her hands over her mouth, thinking it would be bad if Suzuka noticed her, holding perfectly still and not knowing whether to move backwards or forwards.

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As Ari and Ellie were following Suzuka, a little girl came up with a chalkboard asking if we wanted to be friends. Nodding in agreement, she smiled at the girl, noticing that Ellie was feeling really happy for some reason. After the short stop they hurried a bit to catch up witth Suzuka.

"Ah, the garden. Ellie showed me around campus yesterday but this really is a peacefull looking area, real pretty too. Gotta bring my sketchbook with me someday and draw a bit."

As Ellie cautiously aproached Suzuka, Ari noticed something unbeliaveble. A pair of cat eras and a tail just pop out of Suzuka "What the...WHAT THE HECK!? Sh-sh-she's a... Wow, she just keeps getting cooler by the minute!" Noticing Ellie covering her mouth and freezing into position, Ari goes up to her. He lightly touches her shoulder as he gets in front of her. "I'm gonna go up there and talk with her,wish me luck..."

Ari walks towards Suzuka, making some noise along the way, just so she knows she's not trying to sneak up on her."It's probably best if I don't startle her..." "Hm...Suzuka...sorry for yesterday, didn't mean to pry, I was just worried. ears and tail are showing..."

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When Ari slowly walked to her, Bell just excitedly run towards Suzuka.

Wow, wow. Wow wow wow. Even among all those other girls. I never see one like this. I wonder how strong she is, how good she is, how TAAASSTTTYYY SHEEE ISSSSS..... But, that collar, is she the same kind as me?

Bell jumping around the dumbfounded Suzuka. Waving around her board with Let's be friend. Please. Friend. written on it.

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Name: Lunasa Namiki

Age: 10

Magic: Long range support and disorientation.

Easily able to perform E and D level spells. Learning C level. Currently incapable of using B level magic (Rumors have been spread around about her having A level magic)

Has a natural magical talent and the special ability to charge and upgrade her spells to higher levels

???- An unnamed A level spell that she cast accidentally soon after getting her magic. Everyone in the association is unsure of what it does currently since it was already used after she was found. She could not explain it to the association since she didn't even know how she used it nor was she able to handle it. She has since been forbidden from using it

Chilly blanket (Snow coat) - An E-C level spell that covers herself or others in a small coat of snow that keeps the person cool and will cool down anything touched by it. Upgrading the spell to D allows full body coverage of snow. Upgrading to C allows her to use it as a freezing against an opponent (Not potent, not learned)

Floaty float (Flying cloud) - An E-C level spell that summons a small cloud. Upgrading the spell to D increases its size and allows her to ride on it However it's easily destroyed by other magic. Upgrading to C increases the size even more allowing more to fly on it and makes it more durable to spells (Not learned)

Sleepy time (Lullaby) - An E-C level spell that makes her target get drowsy, very easily stopped occasionally doesn't affect person at all. Upgrading the spell to D makes it slightly more potent, still rarely has no affect. Upgrading the spell to C makes it more potent and unable to fail/miss (Not learned)

Stop fighting (Restrict) - An E-C level spell that she has to constantly channel making her immobile. The effect allows her to prevent an opponent from using a single spell she has seen before. The level of the spell she can restrict is based on how long she can charge it (Currently able to go to D)

Get well soon (Rejuvenate) - An E-C level spell that heals herself or the target. Potency and amount of targets are based on charge level.

Stay away! (Explosive retreat) - The only spell that starts at C rank and she can use consistently. It causes an explosion directly in front of her knocking herself and the aggressor back. Charging powers up the explosions size and damage along with the knockback.

Bio: Lunasa was just a normal girl that aspired to become someone that could help everyone in anyway that they needed. However as she was there wasn't much she could do so she searched for a way to be more helpful. She eventually found out about the magical girl ritual and knew that it was her chance to finally become what she had always wanted to be. So without hesitation she performed it as soon as she got the chance to. Once it was done and she finally had her magic she couldn't wait to test it out and started to cast the first spell that came to her head. However she was unsure how to cast magic currently and seemly had a natural ability for doing so. Her ability to charge spells caused her first spell she ever fired to be completely charged up to an A rank spell. After it's cast however she passed out.

 The spell had caused a some destruction and alerted anyone nearby. Not much is known as to what happened between the time of the spell cast and her being found unconscious surrounded by the slight destruction caused by the spell. She was then taken to the magic academy to not only recover but, also to train her magic. It was clear that what she had done was an accident since she did it in an area where no one was around so just to be safe she was given two small ribbons that held her hair up into pigtails. The ribbons also sealed away her ability to cast any A rank or higher magic. The ribbons we’re able to be removed by her and the staff at the school but, unable to be removed by anyone else. If caught using magic without the ribbons she was told she would be in a lot of trouble. Despite all the worry about her she didn't seem to incorrectly cast any spells she couldn't. She could barely get spells up to C rank right now but, had no trouble with E and D so they let her back out into the school to learn about her magic.

Appearance: A small girl with light blue hair that is now held up into pigtails by ribbons on both sides. She has green eyes and she rarely seen wearing anything besides a dress. However when in a bedroom or anywhere she's about to sleep she'll want to change into something else to sleep in.
Hello everyone, after talking with Yok for a while about this character, I finally managed to finish it. I also realized that I didn't even have an account for this site so I made one so I could join. I look forward to rping with you. Yok told me they'll message me when it's a good time to join so I'll see you then I suppose.

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Suzuka upon realizing she let her real identity known, flustered trying to keep her ears and tail hidden again. "I think it's cute" Ari cheerfully comment. Just then she was kicked away by a fast moving person, "ONEE SAMA~ OMG OMG YOU LET OUT YOUR CAT EARS AND TAIL AGAIN? SOOOOO CUTE~" The girl with scarlet red long pony tail hair proceed to hug and caress Suzuka's head "And you smell nice too~ Oh how I wanted to see you again~ How have you been? Eating well? Did those upper class men harass you again? Don't worry your friend Nozomi is here, give me names and I will..." She brandish her unsual sword and a huge grin stretch across her face "Take reeeaaaal good care of them..Hee...hee...hee..." Suzuka flicked Nozomi forehead to snap her out of her trance and asked "What are you doing here Nozomi? Shouldn't you be doing your Peacekeeper duties?" Nozomi thinks for a while then makes a "Ah right" expression "Yes we are here to...see you again?"

"Wrong answer Captain Nozomi." a huge figure wearing full cerulean armor appears in front of the group. Suzuka make a annoyed expression "Commander Izanagi...What do you want?" The armored girl make a reassurance gesture "Relax Suzuka, we came here due to the reports made by other students that you prevent the destruction of the Colosseum and parts of the academy. We also know you used your weapons when the collar malfunction, but since it is used to save the academy, we will not penalize you. Also we came here to ask that question again." Suzuka turn her back to the commander " The answer is always no, I will not join your Peacekeeper force." The commander make a huge sigh of disappointment "Very well, come captain our work here is done." Nozomi makes a pouting face "Why Onee sama? Why not join us? You'll be more safe with us and we will treat you right. You don't have to be stuck here in this academy, we could do a lot of things together. Is it because of your unclean status? Is it because you are a different race? matter I will still reserve a spot for you should you change your mind so please reconsider ok?" Nozomi finishes her sentence before leaving with the commander.

Suzuka face the 3 girls who were dumbstrucked "The answer is n...." Before she could finish her answer, she succumbs to the wounds and fall to the ground, the last thing she see is the commander and nozomi as well as Ari, Ellie and Bell rushing to her side before blacking out.

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The commander and the girls all rushed towards the fallen Suzuka, but when she saw Bell, she put on a guard. Bell grinned and showed her board.

Friends. Peace.

"I'll take her to infirmary, the rest of you, just go return. Let's go Captain" Izanagi ordered Nozomi while carrying Suzuka like a princess. But before she could go, Bell closed up to her and write in small text on her board.

If dead. Can have corpse? Looks delish.

"Disgusting bastard..." Izanagi spitted to the ground and leave with Nozomi without looking back.

She then faced towards Ari and Ellie.

Rejected. Cannot be friends with her. Will play with you both then.

She wrote as she put some mana on her fist and swung it towards Ellie's face.

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   "Huh?" Ellie's brain barely registered the fist approaching her face. It should've been the harmless hit of a child. Yet an immediate sense of doom flickered in her mind, and mana instinctively surged throughout her body the instant the impact began rippling through her skull.
   With a sickening crack, Ellie was smashed into the ground, her body limp and lifeless, tiny bloody fragments strewn about. She lost all sense of time as the world went black.

   "Ooh...that ended really fast." She heard from the abyss an unfamiliar voice. "It's no wonder, you're outclassed by everyone around you. How wouldn't you be, when you've never pursued something seriously your whole life?" the voice laughed, and Ellie found this annoying. Vision returned to her- but she found she was looking at her own body on the ground. She felt oddly calm about this. Then she noticed the man next to her wearing a business suit, a devilish grin on his sharp face, his gray hair tidy yet grown out, contrasting his young-looking demeanor.
   "Am I dead?" Ellie asked him straightforwardly.
   "Pretty dead," the man replied.
   "No refunds? I mean, that was pretty unfair..."
   The man sighed. "Why does everyone expect it to be fair...? Anyways, that's not up to me. I'm just another ghost of sorts."
   "Oh. I kinda figured you were a big-shot with the suit n all. Do you know what happens next?"
   "Beats me," the man replied. "I've been around a looong time, and I've only seen a handful of ghosts pop up on death. Must mean we're different, or have something keeping us here."
   "Hah..." Ellie sighed, somehow strangely indifferent to it all. Then she suddenly realized something strange the man said.

   "Wait, have you been stalking me my whole life?" she glared at him accusingly.
   "Maaybe." The man smiled wryly. "But, we can talk later- you should cash in your refund now before its too late."
   "Eh? My refund?" Ellie looked dumbfounded. "I thought you said-"
   "It's more of a loophole. Your kinda magic is perfect for it- you can still pull it off while that mana's coursing through you. Hurry up, before it fades or your body becomes unusable."
   "What? B-but I don't know how-" she began to panick, suddenly feeling the weight of a whole life to salvage.
   "Shh, relax. You're hard-wired for this." The man gently guided her hand, aiming it at her physical body. "Just focus on your core- think of it as your gut. You want to concentrate all your energy into it. Just close your eyes and focus...."

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"Eh?" For a moment, Ari thought she was having a bad dream. First, Suzuka suddenly collapsed and was taken to the infarmary by two random strangers she apparently was acquainted with, then Bell punched Ellie without any sort of warning or provocation, and now Elllie is lying on the ground, motionless. When Ellie hit the ground, Ari instintively jump back, gaining a tiny bit of distance between himself and Bell. Not that it matterd much as the latter simply stood there.

""Shit shit shit shit shit, what do I even do?! That was clearly not a regular punch! What the heck just happened!?" Ari was shaking in fear...and an odd sense of excitement. Mostly fear though. As he was thinking to himself, he felt an odd sensation throughout his body, as if something hidden within was rising to the surface. Not knowing what to do, Ari just wished he could do something, something to save himself, something to help Ellie...And then, for just a brief moment, wings puffed to existence from Ari's back. At that moment, Ari was somehow wearing armor, and a bunch of different weapons flashed through his mind.

When that all ended, the armor was gone and there were no wings in sight. There was, however, a voice. As the voice spoke, numerous spears made of mana appeared behind Ari. There were so many Ar couldn't count them. And in an instant, they all flew towards Bell. Bell semmed to dodge them, but as the spears landed one after another, a big smoke cloud rose from the ground.

Ari used the smoke as cover to drag Ellie further away from Bell. While doing so, he kept screaming for help, using a voice amplification spell. He threw in the names of the people that carried Suzuka away, in hopes of his pleads reaching them. While dragging Ellie away, the spears slowly stopped coming out and Ari started to get dizzy.

"" "Rest child, it was a good effort but your oponent is too much for the current you." "...uh?..." As Ari's counsciousness faded away, the last thing he saw was a purple barrier circling him and Ellie

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   First the flowers started dying. The grass around Ellie slowly turned brown and withered, slowly spreading a circle of decay. And her eyes blinked open as her damaged body slowly reconstructed itself. There was a searing pain in her skull, but even that was slowly beginning to dull. She cautiously tried moving her fingers, then felt her face, sticky with blood. "W..what the hell was that all about...?" She felt groggy, like she was just torn out of a nice dream. A concussion...? Hallucination..? I'm still alive..? She clumsily stood up, the blood rushing to her head, dizzying her. There was a thin glowing purple circle around her and Ari, lying down on the ground. The decaying grass slowly crept towards Ari.
   Then she saw Bell, smiling happily on the other side of the line, staring right at her as if finding a new toy. Ellie instinctively backed away, falling clumsily on her butt. "W-what'd you hit me for!? That hurt like hell!" She coughed out a bit of blood, the fresh patch of grass around her already decaying. And then she saw the man in the suit, blinked and rubbed her eyes, yet he was still there, smiling wryly. "And why can I still see you?!"

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"Hmm did you hear something?" Izanagi turn around in response to the distance voice. "No I didn't hear anything" Nozomi try to look for the source of the voice "It sounds like it is coming from the garden. I will check it out, you bring Suzuka to the infirmary." Izanagi then run off to the garden.

With a huge grin, Nozomi fixated on the unconsious Suzuka "Me and onee sama all alone..." Nozomi walk towards the infirmary while making heavy breathing noises

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"Grghehe gargle gurggheeee" Bell tried to laugh but she can't because of the effect of Parashuttamol. The smoke is still a bit thick, but it's already thin enough for Bell and her strengthened sight to see through.

I was disappointed because that girl was too fragile... For her to die just from 1 playful fist bump. But now, now now now, what is this~~~

Bell looked at Ellie. The girl she just punched. She should have died but then she came back to life. No... Not at her to be exact, but to the spot in front of her.

There is something there, some kinda strong mana. Bleh, if only this stupid handcuffs don't exist I can strenghten my sight even more. Danger. Danger. Danger. DANGEROUSSSS BUT FUN.

Bell looked at Ari

That one transformed just now before this spear rains. Fuck. I remember one of the Peacekeeper that caught me can transform like that as well. Hers was not spear though, more like... Harpoon? Yep. Harpoon. This one is more beautiful. She also looks fun but... She's too loud.

Bell concentrated all mana into her feet, preparing to run away.

Izanagi is no fun. I punch her. I kick her. Break her bone. She keeps silent without expression. Don't wanna fight her ever again. Don't even wanna kill her. Not my friend. Oh yeah, almost forgot.

Bell strengthened her hand and threw her board after she wrote something on it to Ari and Ellie's direction. It almost crashed into Ellie's face but something the board stopped in front of her, like there is something stopping it.

Yep. That 'mana something' is supporting them.

She then ran away. There is something written on the board.

Sorry. Not on purpose. Let's play again.

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   "Wah-" Ellie flinched for a moment as the signboard sailed towards her, but the man in the suit caught it for her, seeming to glow for a moment. "Sheesh, you gotta work on your reflexes," he sighed, "though at least you're getting better at supporting me."
   "Eh, supporting you?" Ellie asked as she grabbed the sign and read it.
   "Yeah," he uttered, "I can't really do anything much unless you give me a boost, make me a tad more solid. It's like an energy rush, though you usually do it so clumsily that even I can't control myself..."
   "Hmm..." Ellie wondered, looking at where Bell had been moments before. "An accident huh...maybe she is just a clumsy, scary-strong little girl with a twisted common sense. Good thing I somehow survived...that could've scarred her for life. And who knows how she'd be punished for that...if they ask I'll just say it was nothing. A cute little girl like her can't possibly be bad!"
   "Ahem, I should probably warn you," the ghostly man spoke, "but people can't see me, so try not to look too crazy talking to me...or yourself."
   "Ah..." Ellie looked down at Ari, who was softly breathing in sleep. "I'll be careful. What's your name anyways? And who are you?" she eyed the man suspiciously.
   "Fufu, about time you asked," the man's eyes glimmered as he gave a mischievous grin. "You can call me Hector...I was the greatest necromancer of the 19th century," he proclaimed. "When I died, the pitiful flame of this world's hidden magic should've died with me...but it seems it just went to sleep, to be reborn anew."
   Ellie stared at him as he posed triumphantly, his arms embracing the vast sky. What a freak...

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At the infirmary

"Yes please lay her on that bed" The nurse directed Nozomi to an empty bed by the window. "Nothing too serious, just fatigue and minor wounds so she should be fine by tomorrow." The nurse prepares the bandages and medicine for Suzuka, just before she can start dressing Suzuka's wound, Nozomi grab the nurse's hand "I will do it." The nurse was started "But...but..." Nozomi makes a annoyed expression "I don't believe you heard me before, I said I will do it." The nurse was frighten "Yes...yes...I will leave you two alone now." She scurrying back to the reception desk and Nozomi close the door, she would lock it but decided not to should Izanagi returns to check on them.

Nozomi sit beside the unconsious Suzuka, begin dressing her wounds with utmost care. "Ahhhh...onee long since we met...I remembered it everyday..."

2 years ago at some remote region

Suzuka was surrounded by Peacekeeping force and mages. "You are surrounded, drop your weapons and surrender peacefully!" Izanagi shouts her demand. Suzuka ignore her and glance around to find a way out of this, Surrounded... was her thought at the moment I won't surrender, looks like I have to fight my way through this then She readied her weapon and prepare for the worst. "Hold up! I will be your opponent mercenary!" a girl named Nozomi walks to Suzuka "Looks like you won't give up without a fight for a reason, no matter for I shall duel you, should you win, you can kill me and escape however if I win, you can choose surrender or death. Now...let us begin!" Izanagi step in "I shall be the witness of this duel. Now ready your weapon!" Both distance themselves and brandish their weapons. "BEGIN!"

Suzuka dash toward Nozomi with blinding speed, she swing her sword while Nozomi blocks the attack. Nozomi decides to go offensive stance and throw illusionary blades at Suzuka. She avoid the attack and clash her sword with Nozomi's continuously at each other. What...What is this? An actual decent opponent? All my life I have been task with hunting down crooks who put up no challenge, but she...she is different Nozomi's thoughts ran through her mind. Both fighters throw attacks at each other with perfect sync as if they are dancing. Steel clashing each other, the barrage of magic lay waste to the arena. Suddenly, Suzuka's sword swung with great might, finally knocking off Nozomi's sword away. The duel was over. Nozomi slumps to her knees "I lost....Now finish me..." Suzuka lift her sword while Nozomi close her eyes, awaiting a warrior's death. But Suzuka stick her sword blade down to the ground, both arms in the air and face Izanagi "I...surrender..." Peacekeepers force Suzuka on her knees and restraint her with strong holding spell. They escort her away, leaving Nozomi dumbstruck but also a new sense of affection swells up in her, making her blush a bit. It is a clear indication of love at first sight.

Back at headquarters. Instead of public execution orders, Suzuka was locked up until further action. Nozomi visits her everyday while developing unhealthy addiction of love and affection towards Suzuka which doesn't affects her in any way. And within a year, Suzuka was transferred to the mage academy to try and reform her.

Present day

Nozomi gently stroke Suzuka's head until she fall asleep while the nurse nervously watch over the both of them to ensure nothing bad happens.

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Monday, 1 week and 2 days later.  

   Saturday had proved to be a hectic day for the academy. Thankfully, on weekends many fewer students are around, so the incidents were able to be covered up safely. The ringleader behind the girls who attacked Suzuka at the arena was expelled for endangering the school- the others let off with a suspension. She objected that she wasn't quite herself and didn't know what came over her, but had no proof to back up her claims.

   It was Noon. Ellie sat in the cafeteria, typing away on her phone in between slurping up her spicy tofu ramen. She had learned a few things since dying, one being the fact that she had indeed died. She had learned about how her body feeds. Things around her slowly whither and age. 2 stolen days gives her 1. When she is injured, the process accelerates. Tiny plants and bugs give a little (and die on contact), trees can give plenty. As such, she spends her mornings now in the garden, a quiet hidden spot in the grove where the grass is always dead and the trees hardly feel their loss. It's not enough to completely stop the flow from other people's life to her, but it is lessened, and she is learning, slowly, how to limit the flow to only touch. She tries to avoid being alone with people. She still eats and sleeps. But if she were isolated from anything to feed on, she would slowly break down and die.
   She sighed, recalling what Hector taught her over the week in the garden.
   "Ah yes, Dr. Frankenstein, now that man was a true necromancer..." Hector reminisced by himself as he went off on another lecture. "You see, there are several classes of what today you call zombies. You're class A- you've retained full consciousness, and your body regenerates itself by feeding off nearby life." He handed her a flower to demonstrate, which quickly withered in her hand. "The lowest class are basically fleshy corpse golems- no one in their right mind would use those over stone ones. Quite disgusting and impractical, really. Next you've got zombies with animal souls- stupid and confused when put into human bodies, but somewhat dangerous. And there's a big grey area leading up to A, usually human but brain-damaged or otherwise impaired consciousness, a pretty sad state to be in...but they can be quite scary and obedient creatures. Now, there's a rumored S-state, a Lich, that can suck 100 years out of someone just by staring at them, but...frankly, I think that's a silly joke." He smirked. "It's a rare feat you managed, transplanting your own soul back into your body. But don't expect it to work on anyone else so easily. With practice, you might reach B level,'s not every day you'll find someone to practice on, eh?" he chuckled at his dark joke.

   She finished up her food and dropped the dishes in a tray. She sighed, trying not to dwell on what her future would be like now. Ah, I haven't seen that sign-board girl again since then...I wonder what's with her? A flashy poster caught her eye.
   Magical Arena- Team try-outs TODAY!! Represent your school!! Get scholarships! Test your skills against the strongest opponents! All ages welcome.
   Wow, they fixed the arena up already? As expected of the Mage Association...Magical battles though eh? Heh, I'm not so childish as to get excited over that... However, right next to her, someone was staring up at the poster with dreamy eyes...

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Looking up at a shining hope that was on the wall in front of her Lunasa thought if she did well in the contest that would be her chance to use stronger magic. There was also the chance that she could observe others people magic to learn more ways that she might be able to use her own. All these thoughts racing through her head caused her to no longer pay attention to her surroundings. After letting out a small cheer she quickly shifted her feet and kicked off towards the arena but, instead instantly crashed into someone that was standing right next to her toppling them both. Once it was all over and she was now laying on top of the girl she took a second to recover before hopping off surprised. "I'm so so so so sorry, I didn't even see you walk over." Reaching out her hand she offered to help the girl back up. Of course in her eyes she thought the person in front of her was a young girl like herself and would be just as excited to participate. "I bet you're just as excited as me about this contest, maybe we should be on a team, it would be nice to have a team of people around my age." Of course she didn't know the girl's age and didn't introduce herself so she felt dumb. "Oh, right also I'm Lunasa, I'm ten years old and I'm a training in C level magic. What about you?" If possible having a team around her age would at least make her feel more comfortable. Her lack of knowledge of how everything worked made her think that as people aged their magic was stronger.

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   Ow, what the- the world momentarily toppled over and Ellie found a surprised little girl laying on top of her.'s good to be alive... she tried to hold back her nosebleed. The girl managed to pull her up, with both hands.
   "Lunasa eh....hrm, around your age? 10?!" Ellie was shocked at the girl's misunderstanding. "Actually, I'm..." Wait. Ellie stopped herself from speaking. If I tell her I'm 20, I might scare her away. Plus, her magic is way ahead of mine already. C?! Seriously!? She'll be shocked if I can barely do D rank at 20... she looked around to make sure nobody familiar was around. Screw it, I got nothing to lose. "What a quinky-dink!" She said in her most sugary-coated voice possible. "I'm 10 too! Isn't magic amaaazing~" she gave a sideways V pose with a wink.
   "...what the hell are you doing..." Hector shook his head at her.
   Ellie gave him the death-glare. Shut the hell up you dead bastard, I'm just trying to have fun here.
   "I can-" Ellie coughed, forgetting to change her voice. "I can only do D rank magic, kinda..." she gave an exaggerated pout. "Oh well, sounds like fun, let's go!" Hrm..? To the Arena? What were they doing there again? Ah whatever, little girls are the best~ She was going to grab Lunasa's hand and skip, but then remembered her own dangerous powers and decided to skip ahead and keep some distance to be safe. Ah, shit, I hope no one I know sees me.

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At the garden

Suzuka sat on the fence overlooking the city. Her damaged collar has been replace with a new set, her wounds have healed the next day after she was admitted to the infirmary, the many advantages of a beastmen: Accelerated healing, heighten senses etc. Nozomi is currently on assignments with Izanagi overseas, so she has some actual peace and quiet. Any bullies or senpais dare not challenge her because of her affiliation with the peacekeepers. Since she has pass all the test in the past and no teachers want to give her anymore tests due to the fact that they are require to submit tons of paper works to the high councils of the academy, the peacekeepers and the mage associations for authorization to allow convicts to use magic.

Bored and nothing to do since Suzuka has done her daily physical training to not feel rusty on the brawn side, she decided to nap under the big shades of the World Tree. Gentle breeze kick in and a few moments later, she went into a deep sleep with many cats and kittens sleeping beside her like a leader of a small pack.

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Ari is currently at the library. It's been a little over a week and life in school is back to normal...for the most part. After the events that lead to him passing out, he decided he wanted to train in the more physical aspects of the fight, even if it just helps him getting more in sync with his female body. The teacher that his aunt knows happens to be a former colosseum fighter, so Ari as been learning basic martial arts movements from her at the colosseum training grounds. It tires him down but he can already notice a slight improvement in his abilities.

", so I finally have a clue" Ari as been searching for information regarding the strange woman that spoke to him during  the fight with Bell, searching anything remotely related to it. At first he thought that maybe she was a former magical girl turned ethereal being, but nothing showed up to prove that theory. A couple of days ago, Ari turned his attention to history and mithology, believing maybe there were connections to ancient beings or famous heroes. The amazons came um but the weapons and general appearance didn't match with the armour that covered his body, nor with the weapons that flashed through his head. But now, he found something.

"The engravings seem to be the same, even if there were slight differences this does look like the armour that covered me...the spears all had the same designs as the ones portrayed in this picture, all the other weapons depicted in the portraits are the same as the ones that I saw, although some are missing. There was also a staff but this book doesn't show any staff...maybe there will be something in a book that covers this in more detail"

Ari got up,packed his stuff, and went to the library lady. The lady smiles as Ari aproaches. "Back again are we? Found anything usefull today? Still don't know what it is you are looking for but I have to admit, you've picked my interest young lady" "...lady...still can't get used to it" Ari thought, before replying to the librarian. "Well, maybe. Could you give me some materials regarding this subject? I feel like I'm on the right track and would love to take something home to study during downtime" The librarian looks at the page Ari is currently showing. "Oh, that hasn't been requested for quite some time now, but I did do a study on them during my younger days. Give me a moment" She chants a quick spell and a boom magically puffs into existence,on her hands. "Take this here. Anything you can find on them, you can find it here. Trust me,I helped put this togheter. Oh and remember to bring it back during the next 14 days or you will be fined. Hope you find what you are looking for!" "Thank you"

Ari thanked the librarian as he put the book in his backpack. As he was leaving the library he thought to himself "Valkyries hm...oh well,probably another dead end"

At the garden

Passing by the garden,Ari noticed a familiar figure sleeping by the shado of the World Tree. "How can someone look so peacefull...and the animals, god this is such a cute scene...I wonder if she would like a drawing of herself...well,guess I'l just fi d out" Steping lightly as to not disturb the sleeping Suzuka and all the animals, Ari sets down some 10 feet away from them,takes out his sketchboom and pencils, and starts drawing.

"She kinda looks like a pack leader right now..." Ari thought, as he layed down the first couple of lines.

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The girl seemed to be surprised by being told she was around Lunasa's age but, it turned out that she was just surprised that they were the same age. "Really that's amazing. Magic really is the best, I'm going to be a super strong magical girl one day and become a hero." As the girl spoke again her voice sounded a little different but, she coughed and it was back to normal. Was the girl sick, if that was the case she shouldn't be participating in the contest. It was also revealed that she could only do D rank magic. Despite all of that she seemed just as eager to participate as herself so she happily skipped along after her. As they went her new friend was pulling ahead and making distance between them but, she soon closed the distance by taking a second to run up to her before she continued to skip. "Hey, what's your name by the way, it'll be important to know that since we're friends now." She then paused for a second before frowning. "Um, we are friends now, right?" It was very easy that this could also be just two people that wanted to participate in the contest. What if she just left after it was over and they never talked again. That wasn't going to happen, or at least she didn't think that.

As they went along the halls she eventually stopped walking and just started to look around like the lost girl that she was. She hadn't been at the school for very long so she wasn't even sure she was going the right way. She assumed that her friend was the same and quickly grabbed her arm to stop her as well. "Wait, do you know where were going. I'm not to familiar with the school yet. I was brought here while I was asleep or something as well." Before her friend was able to answer however she quickly took matters into her own hands since she didn't think that she knew either. Pulling out her wand she held it in front of her. After a few seconds a single small cloud started to float around the tip. As she continued to focus soon more clouds appeared around the tip and she did a quick spin before holding out in front of her. "Floaty float." After she spoke a small cloud appeared in front of her and she hopped on top of it. "Don't worry I'll be right back." After opening a window she quickly flew out and looked around the school. Soon after spotting the arena she flew back in and dismissed the cloud landing down next to her new friend. "I found the arena, it's this way." She then started to skip again leading the way never really knowing if her friend knew it the whole time or not.

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   Meanwhile, in the clubroom next to the arena.
   "Ah, this is bad..." Mitsuru was slumped on the couch reading manga. She was a 14 year old girl with short black pigtails. She was the only member left of the battle arena club. The electric fan whirred as she munched on some chips. "Why did they all get themselves suspended on the one day I stayed home sick...?" The situation made no sense. Sure, some of those girls were pretty competitive, that's what they trained for after all, but she couldn't imagine them trying to blow up the arena. Adding to that, they got into a fight without even having the arena's barrier activated- as if they were purposely trying to cause great damage. Their timing couldn't have been worse either- the deadline to register their team was tomorrow, and none of them would be back until next week. You couldn't register without a team of at least 5- even solo fighters can't sign up without having a larger team to represent.

   She sighed. "Ahh, where else can I skip classes to read manga...this place has the best stash of all the magical girl series..." She tried to make a recruitment poster last minute, but so far, nobody was showing up. "I guess it's no surprise, anyone interested would've joined the club by now...ahh, all I wanted to do was hide in the background and lounge in their fancy clubroom..." She slurped on an iced tea, picking up the next volume to read.

   Back at the dorms...
   Wow, what a fast-paced girl, Ellie thought. "What a neat trick. Just don't get caught flying in the halls, the discipline committee can be real jerks about the rules." They made their way down the stairs- Ellie got self-conscious at the first people she saw and stopped skipping. "Oh right, and my name's Ellie. I think we're friends, if you want to be? I'm not so sure how it works." Down on the first floor, Ellie suddenly stopped, seeing her roommate Miya up ahead talking to some classmates. Oh crap...this could get awkward. "Hey, uh," she whispered to Lunasa, "I know a prettier way to the arena. Let's go around back." She started fast-walking to make their retreat outside, to the gardens.

   Once outside again and safely out of sight, Ellie started skipping again. "Hah~ being a little girl is the best~" she started singing out, care-free.
   "Um...did that knock to your head do some permanent damage after all?" Hector looked pitifully at Ellie, perhaps only half-joking.
   "What? I'm fine! Of course, I think anyone would be a bit shaken up after dying for a bit, don't you think?" she exclaimed defensively.
   Hector sighed. Maybe being a pent-up lolicon NEET for so long and suddenly getting a 2nd shot at life while being surrounded by young girls finally got to her head.

   And then Ellie noticed, a bit late, that she had spoken to Hector out loud. She also noticed Ari, absorbed in her sketchbook, suddenly startled by her presence, and a pack of kittens piled up around the napping Suzuka.

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Bell cried in her room. She punched the wall and it cracks, but then it repaired back to normal in less than a second.

"AHHHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" She screamed, but it's useless, no one can hear anything from outside in this room with soundproof magic.

It's already over 1 week since the incident. Izanagi caught her and locked her up in her room because she ran away. Later, Izanagi found out about everything after asking Ellie and Ari about what happened.

Of course, everything is reported to the Association and the Headmaster. They chose to lock her up again, indefinitely this time, and as punishment, took away the only thing she used to satisfy her needs of violence, her doll named 'Pleasure'.

"AAAARGGGGGGGH!!!" she punched again, but this time, her entire right arm changed. It's not the arm of a little girl. It's the arm of a grown up man, and this time, a hole appeared on the wall. It tried to repair itself, but Bell already jumped out before it finished.

Her right arm changed back into a little girl's. But the handcuffs on her right hand is now broken into pieces.

When Izanagi caught her, Bell still fought back. Of course, in sealed form, her defeat is certain, but what Izanagi didn't realize was Bell blocked most of Izanagi's attacks with her right handcuffs and it cracked a little bit.

Bell spent the whole time feeding her arm with mana, and punched the wall non stop. Only stopping for maybe around 30 minutes a day to eat and sleep a bit. Not to break the wall, but to break the handcuff by overfeeding the crack with mana.

And thus, it happens, the right arm turned into her, or his, real arm and destroyed the handcuff with the power of A class Body Strengthening magic. But only for a split second.

"B class strength max now." Yes, even without the right handcuff, she can only use B class body strengthening magic at most. And even then, only on her right arm. Usually she could only use C class at most (and this is true for everything else except for her right arm now) and will exhaust her a lot. But, this time, sp long that she is only using C class strengthening only at her right arm, it won't exhaust her that much.

Outside her room, Penshiun, the ex-Peacekeeper who now is working as the dorm mother stood with her something that looks like a block of metal. "Sword Smithery Level C+: Bham Bhom" The block turned into a beautiful broadsword. The edge has shining blue light and hot steams are coming out of the crossguard. The pommel is so big that it covered the entire grip and the user's hand, possibly used to protect the user's hand from the steam.

"This is smithery magic. Magic to copy a weapon that the caster already seen once. And this is something that I saw once, 'Bham Bhom' the sword used by..." before Penshiun could finish her words, Bell threw a piece of her broken handcuff that she picked into Penshiun's left leg using her right arm. Loud cracking sound can be heard followed by Penshiun's scream of pain.

"I know what that thing is, one of the bitch that caught me used that too, bleh it was weak. She slashed me once with it and it's only a little bit hot. Still..." Bell walked close to Penshiun. "I like it, the heat felt nice, I'm taking it. Ah, I meant alongside the arm holding it too, not just the sword, eHuehehueheuheuehuheueeehhhh"

Afterwards, another scream can be heard loudly in the dorm.


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"Oh, hey Ellie, what's up? Just give me a couple of minutes to finish this" Ari draws the last few lines and finishes the drawing of the sleeping Suzuka and 'her pack', gets up and walks to Ellie. "Well, this took a while, it's been quite some time since I last drew something. Anyways, speaking to yourself? I do that too sometimes too, especially when I'm thinking about something. These past few days...well, it's been this"

Ari takes the book about Valkyries out of his bag for a brief moment, before putting it back in again. "I think I might find some answers here...well, even if I don't, the more you know, the better"

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The discipline committee wouldn't allow her to fly in the hall, why would they do that it's not like she was hurting anyone. Either way Lunasa nodded and smiled. "Ok, I'll make sure to watch out for them, they don't sound very fun." After hearing her new friends name she giggled a bit. "It's nice to meet you Ellie, and I guess that means we are friends if we say so, so we are friends now." Heading down to the first floor she almost continued going but, noticed that Ellie was no longer moving and stopped to turn around. A prettier way to the arena, it wouldn't hurt to go that way instead, she did like pretty things so she gave a nod. Before she moved though she looked back hearing a scream echoing through the halls. She wanted to go see what the problem was but, there was more important things right now. Rushing to catch back up she soon ended up at the garden and stopped to look around for a while as the other went again.

Soon draw back to her friend hearing her speak she looked a little confused who did she say that too? Did she have some kind of magical familiar that no one else couldn't see. What was all that she mentioned about dying? People don't only die for a little bit right, that's usually permanent. However what really caught her eye was the second girl that ran over to talk to her. Another member for their team maybe. Ellie already seemed like her friend so maybe she could convince her to join. So she moved over to Ellie side and whispered into her ear. "Do you know this girl? Are you friends? She's around my age too right? do you think she'll join our team?" Taking a second to take a step back to not interrupt the conversation between the two anymore she waited to see what was going to happen.

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lol I guess we're all oblivious to the grisly murder(?) scene

   Luckily for Ellie, Ari seemed to be a bit distracted. "Ahh, yeah, I guess it's a bad habit of mine to talk to myself," Ellie told her nervously. "Wow, nice drawing. She just looks like a harmless little girl when she's sleeping, huh?" Ellie had a look at the Valkyrie book. "Huh, Valkyries? You mean the bulky warrior ladies that sing along to Wagner? Didn't know you were into mythology, pretty cool stuff, ain't it?" Ellie commented.

   Hector peered over her shoulder as she briefly flipped through it. "Hrm...this edition is kinda wonky. I think someone botched some translations down the line," he muttered. "What the hell, there's even a drawing of an armored harpy mixed in..."
   "Eh?" Ellie looked at him quizzically, reluctant to converse more in public.
   "Oh, you see, I had quite the library back in my day. You have quite a lot of time to read when your body stops aging. Well, though no time is ever enough for all the books out there," he sighed happily, reminiscing. "Makes this library look like a tiny second-hand book shop," he said haughtily, gesturing at the dorms.

   He was interrupted by Lunasa. "Oh," Ellie replied to her, "this is...Ari, my friend and junior. She's a bit older than you. I mean us. I mean, uh..." she was tongue-tied. "Team! Yes, team. We should ask her if she wants to join us, why don't you bring it up? I think you know more about that stuff than I do..."

Huh? Suddenly Ellie felt a chill race down her spine. She looked towards the dorms, sensing something. She blinked, and briefly saw a blue-ish glow near the center of the building.
   "...did you feel that too?" Hector spoke, the humor of his voice lacking. "Someone's dead. Or very close to it. Stay on your toes."
   "Er, uh..." Ellie's palms were sweaty. Shit shit shit, why is this place so dangerous?! No one told me this! She felt panic stirring. I have to say something...

   "Um, guys!" she suddenly shouted out urgently. The cats were startled and ran off. Suzuka's ear's perked up. "Something's wrong, nearby. I..." shit, she thought, what do I even say?

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"...What's wrong Ellie?" Looking around, Ari didn't see anything strange. Except for a bunch of running cats, everything seemed just like it's been for the past minutes. "Weird, Ellie wouldn't just scream for attention
...something is going on..."
"Oh,so you still can't feel it. Looks like you still need more training. For the meantime, trust your friend. That's about all I can tell you right now" "Wait, who are you?" Ari questioned ths voice suddenly appearing in his head. Unfortunatelly, as quickly as it appeared,it disappeared.

"Dunno what's going on but..." "What happened Ellie? I can't see nothing unusual but...if you say something is wrong, I trust you"

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Taking a look around, Suzuka's heighten senses smell a faint scent of iron which led her to believe it is the smell of blood. But instead of joining the group's investigation, she walk off without a care. "Hey Suzuka! Come on, help us with this mystery won't you?" Ellie shouted but Suzuka ignore her and just walk back to the dorm.

In a far off region

A woman in black robe, grabbing a man's face and begin siphoning his life force till his body shrivel up to skin and bones. The woman held the ball of life force and transfer it to a small container. "That is the last one. Time to return to the master..." She took out a necklace and begin chanting, in a instant she disappear by teleportation.

Back in a chamber, the woman hand the container to a girl, she then insert to a coffin. "No no no we still need more." The girl said. "Then I shall bring more. Where is the next target?" The woman asked. The girl point to the map "Here. In the mage academy, you will disguise yourself as a mage teacher and slowly bring more victims every week." The woman concernedly remark "I am going to need assistence." The girl reply "Say no more, number 2 and number 3 will assist under the guise of mage student." She point to 2 girls similar to each other, their cat ears twitch in sync. The girl smirked at them and then to the woman "No maintenance required."

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"Hrm~ Hrm hrm~" Bell hummed to herself while soaking herself with some red liquid dropping from something she held on above her head. It's Penshiun's right arm, and the liquid is her blood.

"Refreshing, been a while since I actually wash myself correctly. You're still conscious right? Ahaha, I'm jealous. That pain seems like it feels nice. I know how enjoyable pain is, so sharing is caring, ahahahahah."

Penshiun is writhing in pain. She should have died from blood loss because of her now severed right arm, but Bell used the heat from Bham Bhom sword to stop the bleeding by burning the wound. "I miss the pain from my own magic too... Ehe. Ehehe. Sharing is caring. So tell me. Where is the key for this annoying collars and cuffs? Death is not painful, and also not enjoyable. So, unless you wanna be like that kitty, talk."

Bell pointed the sword towards the corpse of a white cat. It's Penshiun's magic familiar, an Elemencat named Sjenak. Special cat that can do basic magic. Sjenak is good at basic healing magic, so when it tried to heal her master, Bell decapitated it with the sword. "Urgh, the smell of death, even with my weakened smell strenghtening, disgusting. Disgusting. Bleh bleh. I wanna puke. I don't wanna kill. Bleh. You don't look balanced by the way, let's cut your left arm as w--."

"Arrow Smithery Level E+: Normal Iron Arrows!" Penshiun took another ingot from her clothes' pocket and threw it to Bell. While it's flying in the air it turned into roughly 20 iron arrows, all flying towards Bell.

Bell dodged them and blocked some with her strengthened right arm, but Penshiun already hold another ingot. A bright red colored ingot.

"This is my strongest magic... Please, die. Bomb Smithery Level B: Shi-IV"

Loud explosion can be heard and the surroundings turned into ruin, and now covered in smokes all over.

Some students can be heard making a ruckus, and an announcement can be heard that says the staffs are rushing there, but before the smoke even cleared up, Bell already vanished.

Only ruins, and the scorched corpse of Penshiun and her familiar is left.

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Knowing now that the other girl was a friend of her friend she felt there wasn't going to be any problems with getting them on the team. After being told that she should explain it as well she was going to but, before she was able to ask Ellie started to become uneasy. After hearing her mention that something was wrong she dismissed the whole thought for now. "Something is wrong? Are you referring to the scream that was a little earlier?" Soon she noticed that the sleeping girl woke up and just walked off but, knowing nothing about her she didn't really bother to say anything. Instead she just looked back in the direction they came focusing on listening for anything else. The thought of danger would normally scare her but, this place made her feel safe. There was a lot of people much stronger than her here so she didn't need to feel worried.

Soon after she started listening a loud explosion rang out across the school causing her to cover her ears. "W-what was that? This place is safe right?" Looking back at her new friend for confirmation she finally started to feel a bit worried about what was happening. "Should we get somewhere safe? What are the safe places in the school?" She wanted to get as far away from the area as possible but, her worries was soon relieved after hearing that the staff was heading towards the area. Surely they would have taken care of the issue just in case though she looked over at the other two again. "Hey, it might be still be dangerous while the staff take care of the problem. Do you think we should go somewhere else until it's all taken care of?" It was clear she was trying to stay calm on the outside but, her unease was clearly showing. While she was speaking she took hold of Ellie's hand and was holding onto it tight for comfort due to her being the only person she really knew.

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   "What the...wait, that way's dangerous..!" Ellie shouted as Suzuka walked off to the dorms.
Ellie was left alone with Ari and Lunasa, who seemed to look at her expectantly. Ah...these two are just kids. I have to keep calm, there's no one else here we can rely on... She looked worryingly towards the dorms. Should we follow Suzuka...? No, she's strong, she's probably fine without us. I shouldn't expose us to danger too, right?
   Just then a sharp crack burst the air, an explosion rocking the dorms. "What the...!" Ellie flinched and crouched down. An announcement went off on the speakers. "What the hell is going on here...?" Could it be an act of terrorism? A reckless killer on the loose? Suddenly, like the sinking feeling of dropping off a roller coaster, the sensation hit her again. The same blue glow in the dorms, but clearly solid now. Ah, that person is no longer...
   "They're dead," spoke Hector. "Body's burnt to a crisp. A shame, could've been good practice for you," he muttered. "No other bodies but a head-less cat. Whoever did this must still be near."
   "How can you be so...?!" Ellie started, but then felt her hand grabbed. It was that child, Lunasa, who was clearly afraid. "Ah..." she felt a slightly tingling in her hand, like a warmth was flowing through. What can I say to calm her...? Suddenly she realized something and jerked her hand away. "D-don't touch me!" she said rather violently. "I'm, uh, I'm sick. That's why my hand is cold." Shit, I probably just scared her even more. But I'm sure, just now, I was starting to suck her life away... She looked towards the grove. Maybe it'll be safer if I take in more life from the trees... She decided to speak up. "Listen up you two- someone dangerous is nearby. I don't know who or why. Someone even died I think. I'll explain more later. But let's stick together and move away from the danger. I think we'll be safer in the trees..." she looked around, paranoid. "Keep your eyes out. Ari, you're pretty good at magic. We might need to count on you if something happens..." she led the two girls into the grove.

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Ari noded in agreement.keeping an eye out, he started circulating mana through his body. "What the hell is going on...Suzuka walking away is not strange but she did look...kinda weird in a way. Not sure if she's worried about something else...well, she'll probably kick some ass if anything happens." "You better keep you eyes open and your magic at the ready. If this is what I think it is,  you might need my help again."

The voice suddenly spoke to Ari again. Startled, he asked: "Who are you anyway?" "Well...lets just say you are on the right track. Push a little further and maybe you'll find out. Now focus on your surroundings, you might need every advantage you can muster"

Ari wanted to ask more but the voice was right, it's better to focus on the task at hand... "I'll have Ellie explain in more detail later, she's acting a bit weird..."

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"Urgh, bleaacchh" Bell puked out blood. "That hurts... Bomb smithery? What the hell, that's cheating. Not even full body strengthening can fully negate the impact."

"You've gotten weak number 35, if I didn't help you, you're dead for sure." a girl dressed in robe and mask stood besides Bell. 2 bulges can be seen on top of the covered head.

"Don't call me by numbers, I'm not like you cat eared dolls. I will kill you. I won't even play with you. Just kill you. Shut your mouth number 10." Unlike her usual psycho looking self, Bell acted seriously, as if you can see her real form behind her glaring.

The girl giggled. "Ufufu, now that you're in the form of little girl, it sounds cute instead of threatening. Well, I still don't understand why you're kept alive, after stealing all the precious important resources only to take a bath in their blood. I guess the others want you to be killed by the association instead ufufu. Well, you love them so much you turn into one of them, so happy for you I guess. Ufufu."

The girl called number 10 handed a key to Bell. "Here, key for your handcuffs. Stole it from the principal. That collar though, is not removable by anyone except for the one who put it on you, the head of the association herself, not going to risk my life just for that."

"You killed the principal?"

"You kidding me? I'm not a single digit. I'm number 10. I might be good but most of my magic are stealth purposes you know. That's why I'm not infiltrating this place by putting on disguise and act behind the stage instead."

"So the single digits are coming too? If not there is no way you'll act like this only to help someone like me."

"Ah, yeah. They're coming. I'm asked to return so I thought why not, 1 last thing I'll do before I leave, see. I know that unlike us, the first 20 numbers, you all are not part of the 'family' and basically just hired by the 'family', but I still see you as my precious subordinate you know? I'm still sad that you betray us though."

Bell rose up, and number 10 threw a small leather bag to her. "One last gift, some potion to help you heal faster."

"...Thanks, I guess." Bell left the place quickly, holding the key and the bag in her hand.

"Geez, why would the only persone that I ever actually love betrayed us and turned into a little girl..." number 10's figure slowly turned transparent and disappearing "Don't die, number 35... No, Balalaika. The others still haven't forgive you."

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As her source of comfort pulled away from her and yelled to not touch her, Lunasa's eyes grew wide and she backed away a bit. Did she do something wrong, we're they not really friends? A lot of thoughts were filling her head but, hearing that she was sick slightly calmed her. The girl's hand was rather cold maybe she was just focusing on keeping everyone safe and healthy. Calming herself she listened to her speak. Upon hearing that they were going to be hiding in the trees she just nodded and followed her new friend to the grove. Of course she was more scared than before after hearing that someone had potentially died. It was clear that she was trying to find someway to comfort herself but, she wasn't allowed to hold onto her only friend for comfort so she was having a hard time staying calm.

Once they were finally hiding in the trees she sat down against one nervously looking around. "Are you sure we'll be safe here? I mean, what if they set the trees on fire or something? What if they make this place blow up like they did before?" All she could think about now was the bad scenarios that could happen to them. She knew that she was no where strong enough to handle whatever was roaming around in the school. Despite feeling that she wasn't capable enough she still pulled out her wand in case she needed to do anything. In any case maybe she could fly herself and the others away from here before they were found.

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Leaving the others, Suzuka walks towards the dorm in order to catch some sleep as she was previously interruptted by Ari and her friends. Suddenly by reflex she swipe away three knives that were thrown at her. She look around to find her assailant but couldn't find any, she bend down to pick up the knives to examine. The knives begin to glow red and by instant, Suzuka throw the knives as far as she could throw, the knives explodes in the air. "That was too close..." She breathe a sigh of relief. Suddenly another set of knives was hurl towards her, dodging the knives, Suzuka caught the glimpse of the hooded figure escaping, image of the hooded woman that make her life miserable fuel her inner rage and she dash after the unknown figure.

Trying to outrun the pursuer, the hooded figure trip and fell down, allowing Suzuka to close in and pounce over it. "Finally all these years of pain and suffering, it ends now." Suzuka remove the hood and to her surprise, it is just another student of this academy and not just any student too as it is the same bully who was expelled weeks ago. "Why are you attacking me? Answer or I will beat it out of you, I may not have my magic nor my weapon but my fist will." The bully laugh maniacally " is your fault that I was expelled from the school, hee hee hee...Have you behave like a normal cowardly student and listened to your senpais then this won't have happen right? So you know what I did? I give them info on the academy's security details, now they have succeed, they have no use for me...Hee hee hee heeeeee...the academy is in chaos because of you..." Before she can finish her sentence, Suzuka knock her out unconscious. "'s not her then..."  Suzuka drags the bully towards the principle's office.

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Back in the grove, Ellie sat with her back against the World Tree. No matter how much I steal from this tree, it's like less than a mosquito's bite- no, less than even bacteria. The grove felt oddly tranquil compared to the tension from earlier.

"Sorry I snapped at you," she said to Luna. "Looks like I have a bit of explaining to do...please don't think I'm crazy? And keep it a secret, who knows what would happen to me if the wrong people found out..."
She explained to the girls how she sucks life from nearby sources, that she technically died and is an undead, that her connection to souls and otherworldly spirits strengthened so she can see them now and affect them with magic.
"I don't know what'll happen if I touch you for too long," she said, "but I don't want to find out. I can't control it yet."
"Anyways, maybe this wasn't the best place to go to. I kinda panicked. It's probably safer around more people, and well, we can't really tell what the situation is from out here...sorry, I'm not very good at keeping you girls safe." she sighed. Just then, however, she noticed a strange shadow in the trees. It wandered closer, and she saw what looked like a monstrous 2-tailed cat.

"Wh-what is..." "It's a Bakeneko," Hector interrupted. "Well, it's just the vengeful spirit of one. It doesn't look like it's angry at us though. It looks like it wants us to follow it."
Ellie explained the situation to the others. "It's a cat that seems to be in pain and angry...I'm not sure what we could do for it, but maybe it wants to show us something?"

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Ari was so focused paying attention to his surroundings he didn't say anything during the short trip. During a short stop, Lunasa asked some pretty good questions he did not know how to answer, and Ellie revealed something that, just some months ago, he would think was someone playing a prank. "Coming back from the dead...Guess that explains why she flicked Lunasa's hand away. Hey, miss ethereal voice, you knew about all this right?" "Well, most of it. Your friend did feel a bit dead, you'll feel this too once you are more in sync with your powers. I'll explain it to you some other time though, now is not the time. And don't go around calling me weird things...if you have to call me anything, call me big sis. You'll understande later. Oh look, your friends found something interesting." "Eh?"

Looking at Ellie and Lunasa's direction Ari saw a two tailed cat. A scary looking one. "Hold up, how come I can see it? isn't this some of those things Ellie mentioned just now? You know, things she can only see because..." "Oh by Odin's beard you really need to study! Look, it's something that comes with your lineage, I'll explain later. "Bu-" "LATER! Worry about your current problems for now" "Fine, sorry..."

"Hey, I'm down, as long as we keep our mana ready and our attention on what is around us, we should be fine right? Undead or whatever, sucking life or not, you are still you Ellie. I trust you and if you go, I go. Besides, I wanna know what that scary looking cat wants with us"

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"Thanks, Ari. You're pretty brave, huh? Well, I get the feeling ignoring it could be a bad idea, don't want another weird thing lingering around to haunt me afterall. Let's go."

"Oy." Hector sounded annoyed.

However, on walking off, Ellie noticed how scared and uncomfortable Lunasa looked. She felt the urge to walk her along by hand, but resisted, frustrated. "How long did it take you to control it..?" she asked Hector.

"Me? Well...I never really got the hang of it, or tried. I'm not much of a people person. And the person closest to me was also undead already, so...I was satisfied. But well, when I really had to go outside and inevitably shake some hands, I'd wear gloves. They should work for you, since you can at least limit your life draining to skin contact."

"Gloves, huh..." Ellie thought for a sec. "Hey Luna. You can grab onto my sleeve, or arm if you want. Just don't touch my bare skin, okay? Don't want you to get lost after all."

The girls were lead by the strange two-tailed white cat. Its fur was ragged, and strange red markings decorated its head. Its mouth hung open as it stalked forward like a panther, though it was much smaller, like a bobcat. They made their way inwards, towards the brick streets and residential buildings. They went into a discreet alleyway after weaving between buildings, and the cat leapt up onto a metal platform that had stairs going upwards. Ellie stared at the metal ladder, far out of reach. "Ahem. Hector?"

"Yeah yeah," he grumbled as he flew up and, briefly charged up by Ellie, unlatched the ladder to slide down to the ground floor with a noisy clank. The girls made their way up, and finally, the cat stopped at the 4th floor, emitting a low growl and pawing at the door.

"Er, is something in there...?" Ellie peered at the indistinct door. In white paint, 435 was labeled. "D-don't tell me we gotta break in..." Ellie groaned. "How am I gonna explain myself if we get into trouble? A ghost cat told me to do it?"

"What, you gonna turn back after going this far?" Hector chided her. "Spirits don't remain for no reason. It must have a strong grudge, something has to be in there."

Ellie meekly tried turning the door knob. As expected, it was locked. "Can you get us in?" she asked.

"Well...I normally would, but this building, or maybe just this room, has some sort of barrier up around it. Magical beings and spirits can't get through by themselves...I'd have to piggy back in your shadow to get in. Anyways, this place is certainly suspicious. Don't get careless."

Ellie looked helplessly at the doorknob. "In movies, they do that thing with bobby pins....yeah right, I have no clue what the hell what I'm doing. Erm, you guys know anything? The cat wants us to get in. If not, I don't mind skedaddling before someone see's us and get's suspicious...." she looked nervously around.

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"Brave uh...maybe I'm just reckless..." "Personally I think you are a little bit of both"" "...maybe, maybe I'm just acting tough" "Well, we will see when the time comes"

Now in front of a locked door, Ari was wondering how hard it would be to magicaly open a door,when suddenly a word flahsed through her mind. "What? I know this word but...isn't this the name of those chains?" "Well...the true meaning of that word is actually open. Yeah, open. Those dwarves have a strange sense of humour, to name Fenrir's chain like that...Still, you can probably do it if you focus. Someone I know kept doing things like thag all the time. She is really good with magic. I'll tell you about it when time is right." Realizing it's pointless to probe any further about who that person is, Ari decides to ask: " really think I can do it?" "Yup. Really, it's not that hard. Just picture the word, the effects you want it to have, all of that. For this simple lock it will be enough"

Trusting the voice, Ari walked up to the door. Ellie was still holding onto the door knob,so Ari placed his right hand on the door. Imaginig the word, and the door unlocking, Ari's eyes emitted a faint glow. "Gleipnir" The girls heard the door unlocking.

"Well, the door is open now...we've come this far so...Ellie, wanna do the honors? The cat seems eager to get in there"

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"Before you do, you sure you have any idea what you are gonna do?" Ellie and Ari turn around to hear a familiar voice, Suzuka was standing at the exit, her collar was removed. "About the collar, the principle was worried about you three and with the terrorist roaming around, so she took off the collar and have me finding you. Didn't took long but..." Before she can finish she notice a sketch of her clutched by Ari. Suzuka gave a annoyed expression and murmured "Disgusting..." and continuing her sentence "Whatever it is you are doing, I won't stop you. Since I was "paid" by the principle to find and look after you three, I guess I will tag along. Or....does this look like I am not allowed?"

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While they just sat around it was clear that Lunasa was uncomfortable with everything that was happening as she didn't speak or really respond to anything that was being said to her. This doesn't mean she wasn't listening so when she heard that there was something that wanted to show them something she looked over in the direction but, she wasn't able to see ghost so there was nothing there for her however the others seemed to want to follow it so she did the same and followed close by. She soon heard that she could hold onto her friends arm and quickly moved to her side and wrapped her arm around her's holding on tight. Being under attack was worrying enough, being lead by something she couldn't even see was even more worrying though. However she felt relieved, her source of comfort was back so there was less to worry about.

After they got the the ladder she was going to just fly everyone up to the top but, the ladder suddenly fell down by itself. She assumed it was just the same invisible force that had been leading them this whole time. Soon they were at the top and seemed to need to get into a locked door. She had no way to help however, none of her spells would really allow them into the room without making a commotion. Before she was able to think of anything as a solution the other girl had already cast some kind of spell and the door unlocked. Maybe it was too late now but, she had finally found her voice. "W-what if this was all a mistake, what if the danger we've been hiding from was locked behind this door?" Of course that made no sense to her even but, she was scared to walk in. If it wasn't obvious enough she was clinging onto Ellie's arm tighter than before. Before anyone was able to open the door a voice came from behind them and she turned with Ellie. It was the girl from before however this time she seemed much more talkative. She didn't really know anything about her and decided to just let the other two do the talking since they all seem like friends.

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Bell is frozen in place. She cannot move carelessly. The one in front of her is a woman who looks like she's in her 40s. But everyone knows she's well over 200 years old already. One of the top mage of the association, and also the principal of this mage academy. Ascaenia Lumbriconata, the one nicknamed "Parasite Empress", and one of the few mage actually capable of using S rank magic spell.

She's wearing black witch clothing with typical witch hat. But if you look carefully, the clothing is not made of cloth but slithering large worms instead. Her face is covered in mask, there is a black circle in the middle with some sharp looking teeth on the upper part.

One of the worm sliter to her shoulder, and start talking. It's mouth and head is shaped just like Ascaenia's mask. "Bad boy. Or girl. Huh. If on. Ly. You stay. Good. I'll take. Off. Your col. Lar. Like, Suzu. Ka. But." Ascaenia looked at the sword in Bell's hand. "You killed. My. Subor. Dinate. No for. Giveness. That Bham. Bhom. Just re. Plica. But. Almost. As. Strong as. The real. One. Penshi. Un. Did. Good job."

Some gates appeared behind Ascaenia. And some gigantic white colored worms, the diameter alone must be around 2 meters. Are peeking out from each gate.

Bell swing her new sword, Bham Bhom replica, a few times. Hot steam is flying out towards the worms peeking out from the gate, burning them before they're even summoned. But then the talking worm on Ascaenia's shoulder spitted out a ray of black colored beam. Removing all the steam that Bell actually planned to use to cover Ascaenia's sight.

Something flew out of the gate. A transparent barrel shaped something. It flew towards Bell but before it could even hit her it exploded, and a gigantic worm around 50 meters long appeared. One of the side is thick while the other is thin.

"Trichi. Uris. Devour. Him."

Heya so I'm just here for the trivia a bit because I have fun when planning the principal actually.

So, her mask, and the worm on her shoulder is actually shaped like this


This is the face of a worm parasite called Ascaris duoenale.

And yeah, her name is also based on the worm parasite name. Ascaris lumbricoides and Taenia saginata. So I combined that and make it Ascaenia Lumbriconata. Sounds fancy.

The last worm she threw is Trichiuris trichiura. The egg actually famous for being barrel shaped.


While the worm itself is indeed thick in one side an thin in the other side.


A bit of a short one this time because I'm a bit busy IRL, I actually wanted to continue the fight until Bell meet your characters again but I can't find the time ;_;

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"Thanks Ari, you really know what you're doing, huh?" Ellie spoke up to Suzuka. "To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm doing at all. Yet it's strange, I feel oddly calm now. Maybe its the tree's energy from before. It feels oddly...timeless. But, there's something else..."Her gaze felt far away. "I've been feeling the pain. And something hotter, heavier, that's becoming harder to ignore. It wants me to open the door and find him...and then..." she started mumbling under her breath.

"Shit. Ellie," Hector spoke up, "Snap out of it. Those are the cat's feelings, not yours. The real you wants to run away. You're smart, you're a coward. Think."

She looked at him absently, not paying attention, strange emotions pounding in her head. "Suzuka..they're kids. Keep. safe. Please." she gently yet firmly unclenched Lunasa's hands from her arm, and briefly picked her up, leaving her by Suzuka's side.

She faced the door. Her own breathing felt loud. "...ah...but I hate why am I...?" She placed her hand on the doorknob and turned. The door opened to a strange blue surface blocking the inside. "Tch. Pesky barrier." Then, the cat walked up to her, she picked it up, and it faded into her chest. Ellie blinked, and her pupils became vertical slits. "We'll crush it," she hissed. She poised her arm and phantom claws appeared. With one swift thrust the barrier shattered and Ellie leapt deftly into the room.

And she saw the portals, and the giant worms, and the impossibly large interior of the room they had unwittingly found a hidden entrance into. What is this...inside of a cave? Space distortion..? But most of her mind was drawn towards the familiar young girl holding up a sword on the far side of the room. REVENGE. KILL. A fiery voice in her boomed. But her body, it wouldn't move. The familiar sensation of fear, of facing something akin to certain death before her. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? KILL. No! Ellie's voice objected. You may not care if this body dies, but I do! I don't want to launch myself in a pointless suicide attack!

As she stood still in dilemma, two of the 2-meter worms appeared from the smaller portals, their attention directed towards the new intruder.

Wow, that's very specialized and interesting trivia that inspired your character. Sorry I kinda put your chara in the spotlight when you're busy, it sorta just ended up that way as I tried to piece together how to move things forward :sweat: don't worry worse comes to worst we'll work around it.

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"Disgusting or not, it's yours to keep if you want. And feel free to tag along , I don't have any problems with it. In fact, I'm happy you are around, and I'm sure they feel the same. I feel safer knowing you are here" Ari places the drawing back into his backpack. As he does this, Ellie kind of loses herself to the spirit of the cat, who appears to have merged with her.

"Shit!" Ari rushes to Ellies side. Seeing his friend freaking out, Ari clenches his fist and bonks Ellie on the head. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING? SNAP OUT OF IT!" Ari screams as he hits Ellie's head,in hopes of bringing her back to herself. "...that's one way to do it..." "Well what else am I suposed to do? It's not like I can exorcise the freaking cat out of her" "Let's disregard the fact that you forgot about the whole life draining situation for a moment, no use worrying about that now. Your friend might not come to her senses, and you still have the worms to worry about""...right"

Unsure of how to deal with both worms and waiting to see if Ellie can snap out of it, Ari casts a body enhancement spell on himself and decides to cast a barrier around him and Ellie, hoping it would fend off the attacks the worms might throw their way, or at least withstand a few of them before breaking.

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"Your barrier is not enough. Here let me." Suzuka detach the Strike Shield and stab it to the ground horizontally in the middle of the barrier. The shield front open up and begin pulsating waves of invisible energy, causing the barrier to expand bigger and cover the walls of the room. "Give me that sketch as well." Ari hand the sketch over. Suzuka take a quick glance and grab some wood and place it in the middle, she held the sketch in her hand and instantly burn it with her magic finally placing it on the pile of wood and it become a small fireplace."I guess you three didn't have a bed, so I prepare these." She lift up a bag and gave camp style beds to Ari and Lunasa. "I won't worry too much on...what's her name? Ellie was it? She'll probably be fine, now I suggest some rest since you three ran out of the academy with no rest. There are ample of can foods at your disposal if you want something to fend off the hunger" Suzuka then tuck in and sleep.

At the Principle's chambers
A voice in the shadows spoke in a low tone "You remove the collar on Suzuka, Ascaenia Lumbriconata?" "" The worm on her shoulder replied "If.Suzuka.collar.not.removed.We.wasted.value." She walk to a room, strange squishy sounds can be heard from within. "" The voice chuckled "Of course my lord...of course...." before the voice faded away. In front of the principle is Bell, naked and being tortured by the worms going in and out of her available holes in her body, her eyeballs seemingly peel back from the torture and no voice could be heard as the worms slithered into and out of her mouth as well. The principle leaves Bell alone and shuts the door behind her as she walks out of the chamber to continue on her role as a principle of the academy, walking the halls silently.

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"Urghhhh... Ukhurggghh khurggh khurghhh...." as soon as Ascae closed the door Bell tried to chuckle. It's distorted tho due to the worms slithering around. Once she's sure that Ascae went far, small explosion appeared from her contracting her body.

"Shouldn't have used Trichi and Uris. These two wiggly bastards are so gluttonous they ate the collar as well. Well, good thing she didn't realize and only leave these small fries worms to keep me..." a manly sound, totally unlike Bell's can be heard from the figure behind all the smokes. A 2 meters tall muscular man can be seen there.

It's Bell's actual form. The mass murderer who killed 66 magical girls. The one called 'Mad Titan' who's like a boogeyman for the magical girls.


In his full strength. With S ranked Body Strengthening Magic.

"Khu hu. Khu hu hu. The pain feels nice, nice nice. The slithering tho, dis dis dis dis gusting MAX" he mumbled as his wound slowly heals. This is what S ranked Body Strengthening Magic can do. Boosted strength, boosted stamina, and even boosted natural healing. In exchange for multiplied pain. Which is a blessing for someone who enjoys pain like Balalaika.

"Aaahhh.... rghhhh... Grhhhhh...." His muscular body starts wriggling around. As disgusting as the worms who covered his body before.

And his body became small. He turned back. Back into Bell. This is also something his body strenghtening magic did, which is full body control. Any muscles, any part of the body, even his own strand of hair, all can be controlled consciously.

And then she heard someone screaming from above.

"I know that voice... The girls... What's Ascae doing with her own students..." Bell slapped both her cheeks with her palms. "Still. Friends, friends, yeah. Gotta save friends. Right, Pleasure?"

The door busted open. A female, around 180cm tall, stood in front of the broken door. Her body shape surely will attract males, and even females. Huge breasts that doesn't seems like it's too much. With shapely butt. All covered in a white colored one piece dress. Her face looks like Bell, with white hair and white eyes, but her hair is pretty long, it reached her waist. She's basically adult version of Bell with long hair.

"I see you have restored your power, Pa--- GUARGH!!!" Bell punched her stomach hard. It didn't seem like Bell used her full strength, but it still pretty hard and would rupture some organs for sure.

"Than... yo...." despite squirming in pain, the girl still tried to thank Bell for some reason. And had a wide grin on her face, and a small heart on her pupil.

"I like it more when you're in your doll shape, Pleasure..." Bell looked annoyed, and the girl called Pleasure started licking Bell's feet. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry" but Bell kicked her face. A yelp can be heard from her.

"Yup, you're enjoying pain like me. Good girl, Pleasure, good girl. As expected of my daughter. Any clothes for me?" Bell patted her a few times and then slapped her face once.

"I picked your robe, short, and shirt, Papa. It was kept in the same room as me."

"Good good good good good. Let's go."

"Alright Papa, when they kept me as doll I already found the escape route here..."

"No. Let's go and see my friends first."

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Lunasa wasn't able to fully understand what was happening. She didn't know much about magic yet and so many things she never knew could happen were happening. Her closest friend seemed like she had become possessed and there was a clear threat coming from the worms if they needed to put up a barrier as large as they had. However the newest girl to join them made a fireplace and had planned ahead bringing them some beds. This helped her relax a little bit, at least they had a way to rest but, how could she rest easy knowing they were possibly in danger. Taking the one she was given she smiled at Suzuka. "Thank you." She then watched as she laid down and went to sleep. She was going to do the same but, instead she joined Ari and went over to comfort Ellie wrapping her arms around her in a hug. "H-hey, you don't have to do anything you don't want to Ellie, we're right here, I'm sure that girl that just went to sleep thinks the same, she just doesn't want to show it." Of course she didn't really know how to help with possession due to not knowing that it was a thing until now. Why did this have to happen so early in her time at the school. However she held onto her friend tight unwilling to let her go until she was back to normal.

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"Ow!" Ellie rubbed her head after being smacked by Ari. "What was that for?!"
She then lunged towards the worms and smacked into the newly formed barrier, looking around in bewilderment.

These pOrtals confuse me...but I smell my pREy near...
Will you just calm down for a moment!? Ellie was angry at the spirit trying to hi-jack her body again. She was fighting the urge to squat down and scratch her chin with her feet, when she felt a soft hug. "Hwah, so soft..." her lolicon spirit flamed up at the innocent child's touch, overpowering the cat's.
"Guh, careful, that's not very safe..." she told Lunasa worriedly.
"She should be fine. Through clothes is safe enough- it's only when you're injured that your spiritual vacuum really powers up." Hector looked at Ellie and grimaced. "Sorry. I didn't think you'd be taken over so easily. I forget how hard it is when you start. Though it seems you've gained the upper hand, for now."

"That's...not your fault," Ellie sighed. "Thanks, you two. I think I'm alright, for now."
Meanwhile, Suzuka seemed to be setting up camp in the room, blatantly ignoring the weird parasite lady across the room. "If anything, you sure know how to diss your opponents," she commented at Suzuka. She couldn't help but laugh as she saw the somewhat confused and insulted "Parasite Empress" across the barrier as the smaller worms uselessly rammed against it. Hm, where have I seen that lady before...? she couldn't quite figure it out. "Maybe we should take Suzuka up on her offer and follow her example," she laughed. Then she asked the others. "Do you think we can defeat that parasite lady? She seem's pretty pissed at us."
"Maybe Suzuka," Hector answered. "But this is that lady's territory, we're unfamiliar with it. And she has that weird portal magic, I don't think she'll fight fair at all. This small space is a disadvantage as well, its easy to get cornered by those worms..." he looked grim.

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"Thank you, Suzuka" The girl was already sleeping so Ari wasn't sure if she heard. "You didn't have to burn it though..."

After hearing a now calmed down Ellie, Ari pondered for a while. "Well...I think that with all of us here, we may have a chance, but if I'm being completely honest...that woman didn't show her full power. We just got targeted because some worms happened to appear near us right? I somehow feel like we are not her target, so it might be best to avoid fighting if we can. But hey, my dream is to be at the top of the colosseum, so I won't back down from a fight if it comes to that" Ari gives them a thumbs up. "I don't think we should worry about it now though, we could really use the rest."

With that, Ari goes to grab a sleeping bag for everyone, comes back, and lies down next to Ellie and Lunasa, while putting a sleeping bag next to both of them. "Good night girls"

"So you are pretending to be calm..." "Well, we could really use the rest...and it's better if we don't freak out. We might need to make some split second decisions and the more freaked out we get, the worse it'll be" "I see...well you are not wrong. Try to have a good rest too" "Will do." Ari falls asleep shortly after.

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Suzuka tuck in nicely and within a few minutes, slept like a log. She dreamt of her time from a wanderer to a mercenary to the current state she is in, hoping to one day she can finally trace down her childhood murderer even if she die trying.

She slept well for a few hours till suddenly she heard footsteps outside the barrier, she ready her weapon in advance while pretening to sleep. A hooded female figure stand in front of the barrier, took out a rapier and tear down the barrier like it was paper. Suzuka with her speed, sprung up from her camp bed and swung down her sword only to be clash by the hooded female’s rapier. No she isn’t that woman... Suzuka thought and back off as the attacker let lose a magic blast. Suzuka roll away from the others to avoid any injuries and activate her sword mode into a gunblade mode. She quickly survey her surroundings and roll to another corner and shoot a highly concentrated beam of pure mana towards her shield in the middle which bounces off and reflect back at the hooded attacker. The attacker scream in pain and decides to flee but Suzuka grabs her shield and toss it like a disc which hits her back and fell unconscious. Suzuka quickly reactivate the shield wide barrier to prevent the smaller worms from getting through and cut down any who manage to sliter their way in and burning them with fire magic.

Tying up the attacker, she flips the hood off and it is revealed to be another student in her class but the strange symbol on her forehead faded away, implying the mind controlled magic has been release. Taking a good look at the student who has long straight blazing red hair, her face feels elegant while unconscious. Suzuka checks around her body for any belongs to help identify the attacker but all she find are her student council armband and her ID card which says: “Eclair Shimazaki Von Bismarck”.

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"A dream about the past, I was a child back then. Aunt is doing her thing while I secretly take a peek in her library's "forbiden section" hoping to find something related to powerful magic and...well,forbidden stuff. I thought I could discover some way to use magic as boy but what I found was simply... classified documents. At the time I couldn't make sense of the words written on them but if it was today, I think I know what they would be about. The incident that got her out of her job..."

Suddenly, Ari'sdream is replaced by a shining word, and soon after that,Ari wakes up to a comotion. Opening her eyes he sees Suzuka fighting and subduying someone. Ari gets up and walks towards Suzuka, rubbing his eyes in an effort to completely wake up. He gets there as Suzuka flips the hood off of the stanger, only to reveal a girl with a mark on her forehead, which is disapearing. Ari runs back and gets a pencil and a piece of paper from his belongings and draws the mark on it. "This could prove useful...". Just in case, Ari makes some more copies and stores most of them in his backpack.

Walking back to where Suzuka and the stranger is, Ari hears Suzuka saying a name that does not ring any bells to him. He gets there and offers the piece of paper to Suzuka. "Here, don't know how useful this might be but I copied the strange mark that she had onto this piece of paper. Hope it helps"

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A moment after Ari finished copying the mark down. 3 more hooded figures jumped into the room.

Well, rather than jumped, it's more accurate to say they crashed into the room because it's obvious someone hit them really hard even the door is now destroyed into pieces.

"Huh? Ascaris isn't here... Oh~ Oh Oh oh OH my friends are here though! Hey guys~" Bell said as she stomped on one of the hooded girl's head. The sound of bone and flesh getting crushed resonate in the room.


Is all Bell could say when the others started taking fighting stance. Pleasure also took a fighting stance, trying to protect her beloved Papa.

"Like usual, Papa's friends always try to kill him."

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Ellie winced at the awful sound as a familiar girl, Bell, made her entrance into the room. Yet the moment Ellie saw her, her body swayed and her vision blurred and she felt another voice surging through her. Hector facepalmed. "Again? Seriously..."

"I. SJENAK. yOU DiE FoR KiLLIng mASTER!" No, stop it you stupid cat! She's...well, actually, she's pretty scary and maybe just accidentally killed again but, I'm pretty sure she's not our enemy! No little girl is my enemy! Ellie tried in vain to stop it as her body lunged with phantom claws poised- this time even a tail and ears and teeth appearing- her pupils vertical slits as she neared her target in the time it takes to blink.

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Wasting no time Suzuka block the attack with her shield, "Open!" The shield open parts of itself and a blinding bright flash emits out from the shield. "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!" Ellie cover her eyes and blindly swinging everywhere, Suzuka rush from behind and does a swift knock on Ellie's back of her neck using a hand chop knocking Ellie unconscious. Bell sensing a opportunity ran off with the other girl. Ari with her vision slightly recovered and try to look around, Bell isn't here anymore and only Suzuka and the unconscious Ellie and Eclair.

Ari stumbles left and right due to being temporary blinded and ask Suzuka ", Suzuka what did you do to Ellie?" Suzuka didn't respond but instead knocks Ari unconscious as well, drag her to bed and tie up Ellie and place her to bed too. Then Suzuka pokes Eclair to make sure she is still out cold before she tie her up too. Suzuka looks around for Lunasa before finding her shaking inside the blanket of the camp bed, Suzuka leaves her alone and activate her shield barrier once more. Checking her time, it was only midnight and not wanting to waste energy or time, she went back to sleep again.