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Author Topic: RIP our reader and downloader  (Read 6611 times)
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    « on: June 13, 2019, 12:05:04 PM »

    So for some reason our reader bugged out.

    Basically what happened are:
    1. I cant upload new chapter
    2. Download no longer works

    You can still read old releases online there but I can't seem to fix those 2 problems.

    I tried re installing the reader software, and it still doesn't work... I'm not really a computer guy myself so I don't understand what's wrong.

    Anyway, what this means is from now on, new releases will still be available for download, but only via Mega. As for online reading, well, I'm afraid you will need to go to Mangadex. I will still be uploading there without delay.

    I know that there are dramas surrounding Mangadex recently but I think they are pretty decent. No ads, good reader, still respecting scanslator policies in a way... Scanslation dramas always exist even since before Lolitannia was created.

    W E L L

    Kinda sidetracked a bit, but Lolitannia is made so fans can read translated stuffs. Me included among those. So we will try to not get involved in dramas. Reason?

    1. We don't need donation because this site is sponsored and the raws are sponsored and I can spare some cash if needed for raw in the future
    2. For now AFAIK we never scanslate popular stuffs (which is why even after almost 10 years this team is unpopular lmao)
    3. I don't care about sniping. We got sniped once before for a manga titled "Kanokon", I just hand it to the sniper. Less work for us and we can read it without the need of scanslating it. Win win solution.

    Now back to the reader problem... I will still try to fix it, but yeah most likely it will be hopeless... Still, keep enjoying our future releases guys! IN ONE THOUSAND YEAR (forgiveme4beingslow).

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