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Author Topic: Otoko wo Misete yo Kurata-kun!  (Read 8018 times)
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« on: April 04, 2015, 03:59:48 PM »

A story about a high school student cheating on two junior-high school students.  Neither girl is stupid, and he finds himself in hot water really quickly.  But hey, it's not his fault.

Here's a link to the manga: http://bato.to/comic/_/comics/otoko-o-misete-yo-kurata-kun-r653

And a Lolitannia Exclusive, the Light Novel Prologue

Spoiler for Hiden:

■ Prologue

“Yuu-niichan, what’s going on here?”

“Yuuki, what is this?”

First floor of the shopping mall, at the Open terrace.

I, Kurata Yuuki -- second year class 3 student of Jyounan, a private high school -- am being pressed for answers by two junior high school students.

One of them is my childhood friend, Nekoyanagi Mei

The other one is Inui Sayo, a close friend.

This scene starts with Mei and I drinking tea together.  That was when Sayo-chan happened to spot us.

And now she's demanding to know why we were there drinking tea together.

“this, umm, …that is…how should I put  it…”

As I grasped for an explanation, my back broke out in a cold sweat.

The reason why I became THIS terrified is because, due to certain circumstances, I am two-timing with both girls.

But I swear to god, it’s not because of my personal desires that I thought of two-timing.

In fact, until I two-timed with Mei and Sayo-chan, the situation was going badly.

“Hey, both of you, what’s going on?”  Mei was confused.

Instead of answering, Sayo-chan silently seized my cell phone and presented it to her.

She’s using the e-mail on it as evidence of two-timing.

If Mei sees them, it’ll be obvious that I’m dating Sayo-chan

“Tsuu!?  What is this!?”

As expected, Mei’s voice had sharply risen

I could only watch as this all happened

I heard from somewhere that when a person is falling into despair, they lose their ability to speak.

As one would expect, the other guests in the café started becoming aware of the disturbance and inquisitive looks turned towards our direction.

“Yuuki you cheater!”  Mei shrieked

“Ufufufu, Yuu-niichan, it looks like you need a bit of punishment.”

The way in which Sayo said that caused both body and spirit to tremble violently from fear.

The two girls looked down at me, flames of anger and hatred dwelled in their eyes.  So how did things get to this point?

My head started to hurt as I thought back on the past and tried to figure out the reason why things became this way.

The start of all of this requires us to go back a few days in time.

Chapter 1 Section 1

Spoiler for Hiden:
■ Chapter 1: Two-timing with Middle-School Students

“This is bad, Mei!  If you continue moving so violently……ku!”

“What will happen if I move, Yuuki?”

A tickling sensation assaulted my ear as my female childhood friend slowly breathed out.

“S-stop Mei….if you squeeze any harder”

Her body was too close, I had to get out.  However, she rejected that notion with an alluring voice.

“Not happening.  Because I absolutely won’t let you free”

“If this continues…”

With my resistance failing, I desperately let out a shout.

“I’m going to cross the Sanzu Riverrrrrrr!”

Nekoyanagi Mei, my childhood friend.

With a cry of the soul, I broke free from her chokehold.

”Kyaaaa!  Ouch, Mou…I landed on my butt because of you.”


“Why are you breathing heavily and staring at your amazing childhood friend with bloodshot eyes?  You pervert.”

“Are you an idiot?!  Wasn’t it because YOU put me in a sleeper hold this morning?”

Inside of a rather ordinary single home.  Second floor, my room.

It was there that, until not long ago, I was enjoying the world’s happiest act…sleeping.

Why do I say happiest?  While one is sleeping, because there are neither winners or losers there is no lack of courage in your dreams.  However, this morning this girl strangled me and smashed that happiness like glass.


She gave a dismissive snort and fluttered her sailor outfit.  As a side note, that sailor outfit is her middle school’s uniform.

The girl before me had honey-colored hair done in twin-tails.  She wore a choker complete with hanging bells.  Her skin was as pure as a snow field.  She was kind of short and her chest is smaller than other girls her age.  Overall, she looked like an ethereal beauty that would break apart with just a touch.

”This Mei-sama graciously took the effort to wake a no-future deadbeat.  Normally someone would be touched, they would flood the room with tears of gratitude, right?”

“I don’t have the special ability to enjoy being strangled”

However as you can see, even if her face is good, her character is the worst.

“Good grief…and I thought that it’d be a special chance to fully enjoy my freedom now that my parents are on an overseas business trip.”

That’s right, if only this girl did not come, I could enjoy my liberation.

“I really appreciate that you come to wake me up every day like mom requested.  But she isn’t here so it’s fine if you stop.”

“Truthfully, I did want to stop.  But it was impossible…”

“What do you mean?”

“It isn’t just your mom, Shizuru-san.  My guardian, Akane-san, also asked me to look after you.  She says that if Yuuki is neglected, he’ll just eat Umaibo for breakfast.”

Mei lives in my neighborhood.  Back then, due to circumstances involving my childhood friend, she had to leave her home.  She currently resides in the home of a distant relative, Byoudou Akane-san as a freeloader.

If it’s that Akane-san making the request, refusing is definitely impossible.

However, it seems like this girl doesn’t know a certain shocking fact.

“Mei, are you stupid?  Do you not realize?  I can assure you that Umaibo is a completely balanced meal.”

“How did you come up with that conclusionnnnn!!!!”

I covered my ears and waited for that loud shout to die down.

“Damn.  Your slowly-developing wisdom just HAD to reach that point where you’ve stopped following and letting me trick you.  Well then, it can’t be helped, so do as you like.  However, do not strangle me in the morning anymore.”

“Hmm…doesn’t that mean that diligently coming over to wake you up has been a good thing”

Her gaze landed on a portion of the room.

“Even so, it’s a messy room.  You left your discarded uniform and stray hair on the floor.”

“It’s nothing to worry about.  This much is normal after all.”

“It isn’t normal!!”

Mei placed both hands on her hips

“Moreover, I can’t ignore how the bookshelf isn’t arranged and the clothes on the floor are becoming wrinkled.  While I clean and rearrange your room, go wash your face and come back, please.”

“It’s alright since it doesn’t bother me.”

“It bothers me!  Damn it, please hang up your clothes at least.  Ugh, jeez!  Yuuki, it’s because you’re always like this that you’re really useless when I’m not here.”

“Ahhh!!!  You idiot!  Don’t open that!”

“As she picked the clothes off the floor, it appeared that she did not hear my warning.  She opened the wardrobe.”


It was the photo collection that I had been secretly hoarding. To give you an idea of what was inside; it contained busty gravure idols and Oneesamas wearing casual clothes.  This mountain of magazine clippings cascaded like an avalanche.

“W-What!?  What is this!?”

Mei raised an angry voice while buried under that pile of hopes and dreams.

<Insert Picture Here>

“That is something that took me many years to collect, my onee-san collection!”

“Onee-san collection?”

“When older sister types of girls appeared in things like photoalbums, gravure magazines, and leaflet posters; I cut them out and preserved them in a file.  But recently, because I’ve been able to transfer my collection to the PC with a scanner, little by little I’ve been cramming all of the cut-outs into that wardrobe.”

“W-what strange things are you hoarding?!  Idiot! Pervert! You’re freaking disgusting!  Please turn that passion towards something different.”

“Don’t complain about a person’s hobby!  Besides, it’s nothing to worry about because stuff like swimsuit photos are perfectly healthy.”

Come now, the beauty of this system is that, except for me, absolutely no one else has discovered the porn books hiding in that spot.

“And besides, it is definite that the items in my collection were carefully selected using a system that only picks older sisterly types.  It will be different from that fickle tasteless guy whose selection criteria has expanded to include younger girls, classmates, and everything else under the sun.  You understand right, Mei?  This man’s unrelenting pursuit of perfection toward a focused area of expertise?”

Mei will now demonstrate her answer to the question with an action.

“This…useless member of society!  Don’t say things that are too stupid to be true!  Hurry and get rid of this trash.”


With a lifting throw Mei hurled the collection of photographs away.  Those photographs, as if they were being drawn in, struck me in the forehead.

Water from the shower pierced the newly added cuts, courtesy of Mei……it was thanks to this pain that I barely managed to shake off my sleepiness.

Once I had changed into my uniform and descended to the first floor, Mei appeared from the kitchen.  She was wearing an apron on top of her school uniform.

“Breakfast will be out soon, take a seat and wait a moment”

It must have been prepared already, because Mei had just returned to the kitchen when she came back out with a dish in hand.

With an “All set”, she placed breakfast on the table.

“……By the way, Mei-san, what is this?”

“Can’t you see?  It’s a cake.”

“That’s the problem!  Why must I eat a full-sized cake in the morning?  Is this your plan to perform an indirect assassination with diabetes?”

“In the future, I want to open a pastry shop like Akane-san’s.  So I need to try and make cakes for practice.  Since I took the trouble and it’d be a shame to waste, I brought one along while thinking ‘Hey!  Why not let Yuuki taste it.’  Therefore, why not give it a try?  No rather, I should say, EAT it now.”

Was that a threat at the end?!

“Not a chance.  Of all the times that I must eat cake, why breakfast?  It seems like it’ll be hard to digest.”

“What’s with that!?  Isn’t it enough just to come and eat?  Someone else comes to wake you up and, as an added service, she cleans your room too.”

I’ll be strangled to the point of death in the morning.  And while she says “cleaning the room”, instead I’ll be thrown out and stuff.

However, It is true that I came to be indebted to Mei.  Helpless, I picked up the kitchen knife.

“Understood.  However, this is all really unreasonable.”

“I’m not a demon, Yuuki.  I’m not saying to finish all of it right now.  But I do want you to seriously tell me your thoughts on the taste.”

“I understand.  If it’s bad, then I’ll say that it’s bad.”

“There is no way that the cake that I made is bad.  You can’t say that it’s bad either because it’s just like Yuuki, who can’t tell the difference between lettuce and cabbage, to be impertinent when he doesn’t know a thing about cooking.  Moreover, today’s cake is a work of art.  Now hurry and tell me if it’s delicious or tasty. “

“Pick?  Pick what?  They both mean the same thing.”

However, Mei’s confidence isn’t misplaced.  Appearance-wise, for a full-sized strawberry shortcake, it definitely looks professionally-done.

As it is, judging by the workmanship, it can pass for a cake displayed in a showcase.

“Hmm…it’s true that, visually, I see no problems.  Visually…..”

“Right?!  It’s so tasty that when you eat it your head will explode!”

”You said explode, what kind of taste explodes?”

Saying that, I placed the knife against the cake as I prepared to make a cut.  The blade pierced the cake.

The cake exploded.

Fresh cream scattered like buckshots and flew everywhere.  Some of it clung to the windows.  Meanwhile, strawberries were smashed into pulp like human flesh and dripped red juice.

“Oi, Mei…why did it truly explode?  What were you making with the ingredients from the neighborhood supermarket?”

What’s more, this stupid girl shrewdly used a tray to shield herself.  And only herself! I was left to take the full brunt of the explosion.

“That’s strange.  I know that I followed the recipe line-by-line.  Ah.  But hey! Look!  The flavor didn’t change right? So it should be tasty.”

“‘Eat,’ you say!  What?!  Didn’t all of it fly away?!  I wonder if there is even a limit to how bad of a cook you can be!”

“Okay, then….here! Please, go ahead.”

She sweetly held out a tray with a piece of cake on it.

”Is this even food!?  It's not!  It’s a disgrace!”

“Listen, if you’re a guy and a girl holds out food, shut up and eat.”

“That is why I will not eat this, the taste will beco….mmPH!”

Mei threw the tray at my face.

The force of that throw caused cream to enter my mouth.  Its taste reached my tongue.

“How is it?  Delicious?”

“Goddamn it!  Force isn’t the only answer, you know!  Mm…but, this taste it’s……..guuuuuuuaaaah!”

An overflowing sensation filled my entire mouth.  It transcended tastes like delicious or awful.  If I had to describe it, I’d say the taste of explosion was artistic.

I instantly lost consciousness as my life started to flash before my eyes.

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    Neat, ended up reading it all so far~
    Too bad for Yuuki that he can't just appreciate DFC O RLY

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    Seems like I will have some reading material for a while  Smoke2

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