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Author Topic: Regarding Kudchan.net  (Read 4052 times)
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    « on: February 05, 2015, 09:40:22 PM »

    After 2 years becoming our trusted private cute hosting... Kudchan is finally gone.

    Not because I can't pay, nope, but I forgot to pay. And now, when I'm trying to pay, the one that sold it to me went MIA. Now I dunno what to do lol. Kudchan was cheap for a host. No limit for bandwidth and huge space for only 20$ a year. This might be the reason why the seller went MIA.

    Anyway, another site will cost me around 100-200$ for a year and that's already with limited amount of bandwidth and space. I can't pay for that lol.

    Will try to find some other cheap host. But we might rely on file hosting sites a bit more... For now. At least until I got a cheap host.

    I can't say much more now, currently in airport using one of those free computer with connection (in Jakarta btw) in one of these exclusive lounge. I'll search for more stuffs later once I get home.
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