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1  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP on: June 10, 2014, 04:27:18 PM
Cheulyn sat next to Yuki waiting for her to awaken. Her orbs floated around her and looked confused. "Yuki..." Cheulyn poked Yuki's cheek and sighed. "Wake up."
2  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP on: June 08, 2014, 12:15:05 PM
Cheulyn looks worryingly at her orbs, "Feu?! Yami?! What's wrong with you?!" She looked over at the hooded girl and grinned her teeth. "What did you do to them?!" She began to walk over to her, then got into a run. When she reached her, she grabbed her collar and pulled her towards her. "What are you doing to them?!"
3  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Thinking of starting one... on: June 08, 2014, 12:00:31 PM
I honestly don't know what to do, but i'll try to come up with something. Sweat
4  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP on: June 04, 2014, 03:02:30 PM
Cheulyn nodded, smiling gently "Let's do it!" she said loudly.
5  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Thinking of starting one... on: June 03, 2014, 05:02:20 PM
Wait What Sweat
6  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Thinking of starting one... on: June 03, 2014, 04:25:38 PM
 Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi..
I-i am the only girl... WHAT
 Despair Despair Despair Despair Despair Despair
I have this fear of loli becoming part of this rp.
7  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Lolitannia RP on: June 02, 2014, 04:24:41 PM
Cheulyn stared confused about what Sevret was saying at first, but then felt somewhat relieved when the others started talking to him. Feu flew over to her and whispered "What was talking about?" Cheulyn giggled and shrugged.
8  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Thinking of starting one... on: May 30, 2014, 04:18:53 PM
i'm still disappointed alucard  Smoke2 and you know why
9  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Story i'm writing on: May 30, 2014, 04:18:14 PM
yes actually, the parents are someone boness and i know very well, and i'm working on more, but i dont want to over do it. Sweat
10  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Story i'm writing on: May 30, 2014, 01:27:24 PM
 Surprised! Surprised! Surprised!
I'm really sorry about not having spaces.
Anyway, i don't really see a problem with two kids, becoming an otaku or a gamer, i actually really support it. If it makes them happy, go for it, and they would have my full support.... maybe becaus i'm an otaku...  Sweat
Also i know that it's not the most healthy way to go for food, but it's a girl's sleepover and when i went to a sleep over that was what we ate.  Sweat
11  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Story i'm writing on: May 29, 2014, 02:22:33 PM
Well, i wanted to do it because i do wanna do a comic of it, but i also dont cause i'm not very good at doing teenager bodies, or just children in general Sweat
12  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Story i'm writing on: May 29, 2014, 02:17:26 PM
Also I've been thinking about drawing the characters, but where should i post it? here? or the fan art tag?
13  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Story i'm writing on: May 29, 2014, 02:11:29 PM
 Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi.. Oh Shi..
I  didn't really expect anyone to like it. But yes, it's a game Boness and I play together. And the DLC is his.
Anyway, i'm going to try to keep it up. the description and dialogue  aren't that hard for me, i actually really like doing it together.
But thank you for the compliments, i'm trying to figure out what its about still but so far i like the way it's going.
 Love Love Love
14  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Re: Thinking of starting one... on: May 28, 2014, 03:43:51 PM
i didnt get any of that fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ~ignore me~
15  Art Gallery / Fan-Fiction / Story i'm writing on: May 28, 2014, 03:42:51 PM
Chapter 1 (incomplete)
Spoiler for Hiden:
       “Avery, are you up yet?” A woman's voice called down from the stairs. Avery, a thirteen year old girl with long blonde hair, pale skin, and bright pink lips, awoke in her bed, her hair was messy and the side of her cheek covered in drool. She stretched and yawned, slowly arising from her slumber. She flipped her legs over her bed and put her slippers on. When she got up and walked to the bathroom, she grabbed her cell.

       In her bathroom, which was located in her bedroom, she plugged in her hair straightener, and sat on the toilet, doing her normal stuff. “Avery Spurlock are you alive yet?” Avery flushed, signaling that she was awake. “Alright Smarties, get ready, Naminae’s father will be here in an hour.” Avery chuckled, an hour was way too much time to get herself done.
Avery started with putting her hair up, and then putting on her make-up, well the little make-up she actually wore. She started with her eyes, mascara for her long eyelashes, curving them perfectly around. Then she went to her lips. Since they were already a perfect shade of pink, she didn’t have to do much when it came to lip gloss, just one coat and they’re ready, after brushing her teeth of course.

        When she was all done with her make-up she let her wavy blonde hair fall down her back, and her bangs over eye brows. She smiled at the mirror, then slapped both hands on her face and said “alright!” She began to brush her hair, and while being 5’ 2”, it was a lot of hair to deal with. She ran her straightener through it, since it was already wavy, it didn’t need much straightening, and after about 15 minutes, it was done.
She left her bathroom and walked to her dresser. She was actually quite puzzled with what she should actually wear. She thought for a second, her chin resting against her fist. “If only I didn’t have to wear clothes.” she sighed, and pulled open a drawer, revealing pairs of jeans and shorts, neatly aligned together. She picked out a pair of jeans with tears on the legs, making them a bit breezy, due to the fact it was summer. She closed her jean drawer, then went to get a shirt, which she grabbed her cat tank top, which only showed the cat eyes on the chest.

       She threw her clothes on and then looked at herself in the mirror. She nodded and smiled wide. She grabbed her bag and then slipped on her brown sandals. She then ran downstairs and ran into the kitchen.

        “It’s about time Smarties” An average size woman, with blonde short hair and tan skin stood, patting down her suit.
“I know mom, sorry, off to a lawsuit?” This women was Avery’s mother, Meredith Spurlock. She  was a lawyer, not a very popular one, but she’s won  and lost some.

        “Yes, afraid so,” she sighed, as she walked over to Avery and kissed her forehead. “Will you be at Naminae’s tonight?” Avery smiled, and nodded, confirming her mother’s obvious answered question. If Avery wasn’t at home, she was at Naminae’s. “Alright, I love you Smarties.”

       “You too moma, good luck!” Avery smiled. Her mother went through the garage and Avery out the front door. Avery watched her mother leave, waving her away, then locking her front door. When she looked toward the street she sat down, waiting for Naminae and her dad.

        She looked around, and saw a boy walk out of the next door neighbors house. He looked to be around 16 or 17 years old, rather tall, bright red hair, and yet he was lightly tanned. His hairstyle had bangs over his eyes, almost like they were meant to hide his eyebrows, the back touched his shoulders, barely though. The closer Avery the more details she saw. He wore baggy navy jeans, and gray baggy zip-up sweater, over a black shirt.
As she studied she didn’t notice that he started to look at her. Then their eyes made contact, making Avery quickly look away, trying not to look like she was just staring at him. She heard him chuckle and began to blush a little bit. She then heard a car pull up and she stood up grabbing her bag.

        “Hey Avery!” a strawberry blonde, lightly tanned skinned, hazel eyed girl yelled out of the back seat of a old green Pathfinder. This girl was Avery’s best friend, Naminae Jean Richcreek. They’ve known each other since preschool, and have always been inseparable, even when one went on a field trip, they would skype with the other on their cell phones.

        “Hey Naminae!” she said happily before jumping next to her friend in the car. She looked up in the driver’s seat and smiled, doing a small little wave. “Hey there Mr.Richcreek!” Naminae’s dad turned and waved at her back, his brown hair hanging over his hazel eyes. He turned back to the wheel and began to drive off. Avery looked out the window and watch as they passed by the boy, seeing him smile at her.

        “Who's that Avery?” Naminae asked, whispering it into her ear. Avery looked at her curious friend and shrugged.
“I have no idea, but i guess he lives next door to me,” Avery whispered back into Naminae’s ear. Her friend looked out the window with her, both puzzled about the boy. “Guess it’s not that big a deal, people move a lot.” She sat back in the car seat, trying to ignore the thought of it, listening to the music Mr.Richcreek had put on. Naminae smiled and brought out her phone. Avery could hear her typing and got her phone out as well.

       As soon as Naminae put down her phone, Avery felt her’s vibrate. She opened it, seeing that they were going to talk through text now, she read the first one. ‘Guess what’s in my room right now!’ Avery looked at Naminae, who was smiling wide at her friend. She looked back at her phone and typed ‘I have no idea, what is it?’ She looked at her friend confused on what she was so excited about. Naminae practically jumped up and down in her hair and began texting.

       ‘I got the new “Borderlands” game! You know number 2!!” Avery’s eyes widened, and she felt a strong smile graze over her face. She looked at Naminae and they squealing in excitement.

       “Easy you two,” Naminae’s dad chuckled, turning onto the road where they lived. He turned into their drive in and locked the car into park. “Now your mother is inside making pizza and popcorn for you girls, go say hi.” He smiled gently unbuckling his seat belt. Avery and Naminae nodded, shooting their seat belts off and jumping out of the car door. Avery grabbed her bag and raced her friend inside the house.

       Naminae’s mom was in the kitchen, that was clearly visible from the doorway, she had her long red hair in a bun, strands coming down and she was wearing a tank top and “2014 senior” sweatpants. She looked over at them and smiled. She walked over to Avery and Naminae and hugged them both. “Welcome home you two!”
“Hi mom!” they both giggled. This wasn’t abnormal, they always called her mom, and it went the same for Avery’s mom. They were just one big family to Avery and Naminae, always having barbeques and parties together. That was when her mother had time off anyway.

        Avery could feel Naminae’s mother look up to her father, she giggled at Avery and they let go of her. She looked down at them and then back at her husband. “Well”, she looked at them smiling, “there is pizza and popcorn ready for you two in the kitchen.”  She got down to their ears and whispered “I’m also baking a cake, so don’t get too full.”
“What was that baby?” Avery’s father asked walking up to them.  Her mother chuckled and then walked over to the kitchen. “Kalli-Ellise...” That was her mother’s name, first name. But Avery would probably never call her that, neither would Naminae. But her parents called each other many things, baby, love, and their first names. Avery actually thought it was pretty cute how close they were.

        “It’s nothing baby,” she grinned. They got really close placing their foreheads together, still staring at each other’s eyes. Naminae and Avery giggled, seeing sappy love like Naminae’s parents, was quite comical to two 13 year olds. Her mother looked at them and smiled “You two grab your food, and I’ll bring the rest when it’s done.” They nodded at her and headed upstairs to Naminae’s room.

        Avery through her bag on the bed that she had in Naminae’s room, considering they practically live together. Her blanket was her anime crush “Soul Evans” from the anime “Soul Eater”. Her pillow was covered in a navy blue coloured pillow sheet. She looked over to Naminae’s bed, seeing her crush “Gaara” from the anime “Naruto”. They were both nerds, whether not they looked the part.

        Naminae motioned Avery forward, making Naminae notice what she was wearing. Naminae had on a “Soul Eater Not!” shirt, while wearing a black skirt, and black flats. Her strawberry-blonde hair in a ponytail. Her hazel eyes looked over at Avery, shining under her mascara. “Are you ready to kill some psychos?!” She smiled wide.
“You bet I am, who are you gonna use?” Naminae asked, excitement luring in her voice. Naminae thought for a moment, sticking her hands on her hips. Avery giggled, “You know you wanna play Krieg.” Naminae looked at her.
“You must be a phycic cause you just read my mind!” Avery shook her head, not in disappointment, but more like ‘Naminae, you silly goose!’.
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