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Projects Page


http://reader.holylolikingdom.net/content/comics/chitose_get_you_4f34cf4c6ab61/thumb_chito.png Chitose Get You!! 22 NOT YET  NOT YET  NOT YET   NOT YET   Doing our best for this one. Got the RAW as well
  Little Busters! by ANAGURA MOGURA  12 NOT YET    NOT YET NOT YET   NOT YET    Been stalled for years. Reason: NO RAW AVAILABLE. IF ANYONE HAVE IT PLEASE DO TELL US.
   Little Busters! EX the 4-koma  19  IN PROGRESS
  NOT YET   NOT YET   NOT YET  Translation in progress, we're woriking on this
   Little Busters! Kud Wafter  13  NOT YET NOT YET   NOT YET NOT YET   Need new translator as current translators are pretty overworked
   Little Busters! Noumi Kudryavka 1  NOT YET    NOT YET     NOT YET  NOT YET   No raws, no translator. Been stalled forever.
  Little Busters! the 4-koma  Completed & Finished
   Lolicon Phoenix - Shinshokkan 4  DONE  DONE  DONE  IN PROGRESS
 Staffs are available for this. Nothing to worry about.
   Nekurogu (Necrolog)  2    IN PROGRESS  NOT YET   DONE  NOT YET  Might be dropped after first volume because the translator lost his second volume RAW in his language.
Lolicon Saga Completed & Finished
  Seitokai no Ichizon  10 NOT YET    NOT YET     NOT YET    NOT YET    Lack of staffs. Kuro vi Lolitannia still interested in this though.
Seitokai no Nichijou 2 NOT YET  NOT YET  NOT YET  NOT YET  Same as Seitokai no Ichizon



 Bowling King - Was a joint project with iMangaScans and died shortly because of our inactivity and lack of interest.

Kanokon - Another team do it because we were too slow. Kuro vi Lolitannia gave them the project.

Mahou no Iroha - Was a joint project with iMangaScans as well and we're helping because the other team needed translator.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha - Oka no Mukou e - Lack of staff and interest.

Rakka Ryuusui - Readers said that our translator's translation is inaccurate (as he translated it from his original language to English not from Japanese) and people prefer the other team's translations as they are more accurate. So we dropped this.

Shiharu Genesis - Was a joint project with Horobi no Michi. We were idle and they were dead. Might be interesting to pick this back up if we have translator and RAW provider.

Steins;Gate - Hiyoku Renri no Sweets Honey - Was a joint project with Colourful Abyss. We're lacking on staff and interest as well on this.

Stellar☆Theatre - Was a joint project with EveTaku. Lack of staff and interest as well but if a translator or another apply as translator that's interested in this might pick it back up.