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About Us


The Origin of The Name
Why the group's name is Lolitannia? Kuro got this idea after he watched Code Geass, where the strongest country called the Britannia. And Kuro also love lolis, that's why he combined Loli + Britannia, thus became Lolitannia. If you haven't watch it, then watch it now. The story is awesome, and Nunnally is cute.

The Chronicle
Actually, at first, Lolitannia is just a simple blog, where Kuro share my hentai collections. Yup, hentai. That's why at first Lolitannia was an 18+ only blog. Kuro used Blogspot back then, with the name http://www.lolitannia.blogspot.com/ that later changed into http://www.holylolikingdom.co.cc/ (no need to visit it, it's dead now).

Because Kuro really like Kud, the cute loli character from Little Busters!, he checked the Visual Novel and really was really sad because the translation of the Visual Novel is not finished yet. Thus, he checked the manga, only to found the scanlation group that handle it was inactive in Manga-Update.

He found the link to Chinese Scans of Little Busters! 4koma in Mangafox. Then he put an announcement in his little blog : "I'm planning to start a scanlation group, and what I need is a Chinese to English translator". Actually, he didn't really hope for a translator to showed up. His blog is only a little blog after all. But miracle happened!! Someone sent him an e-mail to apply as translator! And the name of that first awesome translator is Wrathie.

And then, the work started. With the crappy first release, bad choice of fonts, bad cleaning, and unproofreaded translation, Lolitannia made it's debut. Well, Kuro's only experience was only helped in cleaning 2 chapters of Zettai Karen Children in JS Scans. And his cleaning skill was very sucks, that even 'cause the other members of JS Scans needed to quality checked and edited his cleaning.

A few days later, Kuro's friend IRL, Qwarck Dracker, joined the team. He never did any scanlation-related stuffs before, but he's really good with Photoshop. Thus, the quality drastically increased. And Kuro, he just realized that he's better to be a typesetter. He downloaded fonts like crazy, and learned almost all skills that typesetters need in a few days.

After a few releases, Kuro started to think that Blogspot won't be good enough for the team.... He wanted to create a site, with beautiful forum and reader in it, but he didn't want to use free host, because none of them allow hentai (Kuro is a pervert after all). Then the great guy, Grumpy from The Company, contribute a host to Kuro, so he could start his own forum. And with the beautiful FoOlReader that made by Woxxy, the leader of FoOlRulez, the site is beautifully made.

With the help from Qwarck, that actually a quite skilled technician, the forum then made. Thus, Qwarck became the vice-leader of the team. A few days before the forum was made, another translator showed up. His name is 21383013543330, fukken long name indeed. But he had many connections, and quite skilled in IRC stuffs (at least, more than Kuro). Because of this, he became a Commandant of forum (it's something like a Global Moderator). He's the one that handles the IRC stuffs now. And because of his connection, now we can have joint projects, IRC XDCC Bot, and good relationship with another scanlation teams.